Buono’s “Natsu Dakara” Single V Tracklist Released

6 07 2011

Natsu Dakara (close-up)
Natsu Dakara (PV)
Natsu Dakara (making of)

The tracklist for Buono’s Single V Edition of “Natsu Dakara” has been released.

It’s like all the other single v’s we’ve seen which includes the PV, another version of the PV and the making of. So far there hasn’t been a mention of a dance shot version which is disappointing since Buono’s dance shots are always interesting and I know a lot of fans were wishing for one.

Although there’s no dance shot included for this single I’m just glad that we were able to get another shot of the preview and overall I’m just happy that Buono is continuing their activity.

Hopefully everyone can reserve a copy.

The Single V will be released on 7/27.

Buono’s Natsu Dakara Discography





One response

6 07 2011

I was hoping for a dance shot!!
Both Zassou no Uta and JUICY HE@RT didnt’t have one, althout the songs were amazing and coul contain a dance shot easily…

I just hope they won’t stop the dance shots for good (Natsu Dakara is a slow song so it’s understandable)

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