Buono! – “Natsu DAKARA!” PV Released

6 07 2011

The full PV for Buono’s 12th single titled Natsu DAKARA! has been released.

Since the song seems to have a soft 70’s ballad sound to it many fans were disappointed since Buono seems to have moved from their happy rock sound to a more calmer idol sound, but all groups regardless of genre have a ballad release so despite it being such a different release I’m happy to see that UFA managed to put such an amazing PV together for it.

I just saw the PV and I loved every single second of it since the theme matches the song perfectly, from the shots of each member in a garden to the dance shot in a white hall with the windows open to the garden as well as the shot where the members are singing from the couch, the PV is full of shots that Buono fans will love.

The main shot features Buono dancing in white outfits in a white hall (similar to Momusu’s Only You PV) but here we get to see a beautiful garden in the background and I am impressed with how it added a nice cute touch to the song and the shots since we don’t usually see outside shots.

Along with the dance shots the garden was also a big part of other shots like a few close-up shots and solo shots of the members singing while relaxing as well as greeting the camera, and it’s great to see that they used that instead of using a studio since the lyrics matched every single shot (specifically blue sky and sunshine).

After the first few lines we get to see another shot where all of the members are in the outfits for the single singing on a couch and I’m glad to see that they did include the outfits since they were pretty cute. This shot is also the main shot for the bridge of the song where we get to see them playing around and having fun while blowing bubbles and looking at photos.

There is a very noticeable focus on Airi during most of the PV, specifically during the bridge of the song where she talks in an Ishikawa styled solo while the song plays, as well a few other shots, but the song itself had quite a few Airi solo lines so it’s not exactly due to the PV editors or Airi since she didn’t choose to sing those lines, and while the other members did get many shots I hope UFA don’t start to focus on one member more than the others since they have a tendency to do that.

Despite that the PV is full of many amazing shots where all of the members get a great chance to appear, and along with the beautiful garden shots and the many other solo shots of each member this PV is one of the best I have seen since it matches the soft and cute sound of the song.

Hopefully everyone can check it out since it’s an amazing PV, and if you haven’t reserved your copy of the single I encourage you to do so since this sounds like a  great single for Buono.

The release date is set for 7/20.

Video uploaded by: buonochannel




15 responses

6 07 2011

SO cute!! I love it!!
They could have split up the lines a little better, but maybe because they did chunks instead of line by line it just seems uneven. Either way though, this is definitely one of my favorites by them! I love it! <3

6 07 2011

wow. i love the calm and easy pace of the song. the lines would’ve been distributed better, but i think it’s good the way it is now. i especially love the shots where airi is wearing that straw hat, sitting somehwere outside wearing her white dress. she looked so cute there! and momo too! but i think i like miyabi without her hiar extensions. and a little bit darker hair color, like the one in Shining Power.

6 07 2011

It seems like every Buono single Miyabi always changes her hair style XD

I like this single so far and the PV is nice, I can’t stop looking at the background though because the outdoors are so nice ^_^

6 07 2011
Dave Snow

EX-CEL-LENT!!! This might be my new favorite Buono song!

6 07 2011

“a soft 70′s ballad sound”

You know, I never thought about it like that.

6 07 2011
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6 07 2011

i love the single…it just proves that buono can sing different kinds of music and genre..it shows versatility…but i have one thing that bothers me ever since i have watched the pv—there’s too much airi…i hope buono doesn’t start getting bias on one member…i prefer the times when miya and momo are in the center (no bias)…take it easy (where airi is in the center and bravo2 is good too and our song)…but ever since they came back,i’ve got the feeling that airi will always get the focus from the start of the year

6 07 2011

It could be that because it no longer has a tie-in with SC! that H!P feels it’s more of their own creation, so they’re treating it like one. Most popular will be shown more, now, though I’m hoping it’s not going to happen for every single or song from here-on-out…

6 07 2011

I agree – I like Airi but there’s too much of her.

I don’t think it’ll be like this from here-on-out, though. I think because it’s a new year and a new start for them with a new music lable and all that the rotating center member thing is simply restarting. Airi might be center for a few (probably 2) more singles, then Momo or Miya will be for a few more then the other one and so on. Buono is one of H!P’s most successful groups and each member is popular in their other groups as well as H!P in general. With or without Shugo Chara!, Buono became their own group. They released 3 albums that were not related to the anime and have had many concerts. They got so many fans this way, which earned H!P a lot of money. If they were to be Airi-biased they would lose fans, thus loosing money.

So try not to worry about it too much. I’m sure things will work out soon. :D So sorry for the long reply. But I hoped this made you feel better on the subject. :)

6 07 2011

I agree with you in everything you said ^_^

7 07 2011

The song is FLAWLESS <3
After the first listen I was like: Too much Airi! After the bridge it's almost like the other members didn't exist since she talks a little and then sings after it, but after 3 watched of the full PV, I realized that Airi only got the middle part as center, while Miya has the beginning and Momo the ending…

Airi does have a little more lines and screentime from here and there but overall, it's still a true Buono! release…
I'm still getting this single thanks to the amazing song and to the rocking B-side ^^

7 07 2011

I was surprized when I found out Momo was the leader of Buono! because it seems Airi is ALWAYS in the center, and ALWAYS has the most lines. ( Goal seemed like the one song where Momo is the center ) I can’t even hear any of the other members in Kiraisukidaikirai besides Airi….

Great video though! momo is always cute. Miyabi is always changing her hair. it looks cuter short. ( and WAY better than when she had it black )

7 07 2011

i don’t think airi is always in the center. when they were just beginning, miyabi was in the middle, then momo during the time of the second album, and now the third is airi. there’s a pattern.

7 07 2011

Great PV! i keep liking the song more each time I hear it. The girls sound and look incredibly good. Im always surprised when I read posts like some of the ones here who question why Airi gets more attention each new C-ute and Buono single. She has the best singing voice, and HelloProject is always going to give the girl with the best voice the most lines. Maybe I dont understand because I live in the US where its routine to give the member with the best voice the most lines(i.e. Beyonce in Destiny’s Child, Justin Timberlake in N’Sync, etc). Are lines in other Japanese groups normally distributed evenly?

7 07 2011

For the most part lines are usually distributed based on popularity or who sings better for most idol groups, at least that’s the case for most of the groups I have seen (if I remember clearly AKB48 does that, Momusu does that as well, etc) ^_^
But there are a few groups which feature lines for everyone equally (S/mileage for example), it basically depends on the theme for the group and who manages them.

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