“Berryz Koubou Kessei 7 Shuunen Kinen Concert Tour 2011 Haru ~Shuukan Berryz Times~” DVD Tracklist Released

6 07 2011

2. Heroine ni Narou ka!
3. Special Generation
4.HAPPY! Stand Up
5. Joshikai The Night
6. Onna no Pride
7. Tsukiatteru no ni Kataomoi
8. Munasawagi Scarlet (Natsuyaki, Sugaya)
9. Sakura wa Raku sa (Tsugunaga, Tokunaga, Shimizu)
10. Grand Demo Rouka Demo Medatsu Kimi (Sudou, Kumai)
Heroine ni Narouka corner~Who’s the heroine today?
11. Darling I LOVE YOU
Heroine ni narouka corner~Who’s the heroine today? The heroine can do whatever she wants for 3 minutes.
14. Sakura→Nyuugakushiki
15. Jiriri Kiteru
16. Shining Power
17. Icchoume rock!
18. Otakebi Boi WAO!

18. 7shuunen kinen special medley:
Koi wa happiridako→Berryz Kobo Koushinkyoku→Maji Natsu sugiru→Sayonara hageshiki koi→Yume wo Hitotsubu ~Berryz Kamen Ending Theme~→Kimi no tomodachi→Magical Future!
19. Girls Times

Bonus Footage
1. Kokuhaku no Funsui Hiroba

The tracklist for Berryz Koubou’s Berryz Koubou Kessei 7 Shuunen Kinen Concert Tour 2011 Haru ~Shuukan Berryz Times~ DVD has been released.

For the most part there aren’t that many changes from the original “A” setlist from the concert but it’s interesting to see that they replaced Kokuhaku no Funsui Hiroba with Sakura→Nyuugakushiki and added the other as bonus footage since it is a good way for fans to get the entire “A” setlist while enjoying a song from the other.

Apart from that small change the rest of the tracklist matches the “A” setlist perfectly so those who preferred this setlist over the other will be very happy, but some fans will probably be disappointed since the “B” setlist contained the solos for all of the members, but we will most likely see it be released in some way in the future.

For now fans I encourage fans who haven’t reserved their copy of the DVD to do so since this DVD is full of many amazing songs and other performances, and with an extra song added as a bonus it will be a great way for fans to enjoy another amazing performance from Berryz.

The release date is set for 7/20.

Official H!P Page For Berryz Koubou’s DVD




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