Suzuki Airi – “Natsu Karada” DVD Cover Released

5 07 2011

The DVD cover for Suzuki Airi’s 5th solo DVD titled Natsu Karada (Summer body) has been released.

The cover seems to have an opposite theme of her 4th PB Kibun Tenkan since it features Airi in a school uniform while holding a bad on her right shoulder, and she seems to be standing in front of a train station since there are rails on the side of the road.

Even though I would have liked to see the covers being permuted since the cover for Kibun Tenkan fits more with this release since it featured Airi in a calm pose with a bikini next on the beach (mention of summer body), I still like how this cover looks since it’s different from usual school uniform PB covers thanks to Airi’s amazing smile and her cute pose that seems natural (like if she’s taking something from her bag).

Overall, I really like this cover since it shows us a different side of Airi, and I really like the matching tite with the word Natsu in blue just like her name in the bottom, while Karada is in light pink, so it doesn’t clash too much with the overall look.

Hopefully every Airi fan can reserve a copy!

The release date is set for 8/3.

H!P official discography page about product




2 responses

5 07 2011

Summer body? I’m assuming she’ll be in a few bikinis in this one! :D

5 07 2011

The cover looks cute.I expected a bikini shot but this one looks great and natural,I love Airi’s smile :)

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