Kumai Yurina And Suzuki Airi To Appear In A Horror Movie Titled “Oosama Game”

5 07 2011

Berryz Koubou member Kumai Yurina and C-ute member Suzuki Airi will both star in a new horror movie titled Oosama Game (King’s game).

From the tokyohive translation of the article about the movie, the movie is basically a reproduction on film of a cellphone novel from the same title, and the story is mainly about 2 mysterious high-school students and a cell-phone.

Kumai is playing the lead role of Honda Chiemi, while Airi plays the role of Honda’s mysterious classmate Iwamura Ria.

I have to say that when I first read the description of the movie, I immediately though of Airi’s recent straight-to-DVD movie Keitai Kanojo which also had something to do with cellphones, and even though Airi has appeared in Keitai Kanojo and her most recent movie Vampire Stories – BROTHERS,  I’m really happy to see that she will be appearing next to Kumai in this movie since the main spotlight will be on Yurina, with the accompanying role going to Airi, which is always great to see since we never had the chance to see those 2 interact together in a real movie.

Another interesting mention in the description of the movie is that many other artists will be appearing in this movie, such as Yoshizawa Hitomi, as well as small appearances from every single C-ute and Berryz Koubou member, which is something I really didn’t expect, and this makes me really impatient to see what the final result will be like since the producer of the movie who picked both Airi and Kumai himself  is positive about the release saying that “it wouldn’t be exaggerating to say that a masterpiece of high-school horror has been made”.

Overall, I’m really excited about this release since it will be an interesting mark in the year of 2011 for both groups, and specially to Kumai since it will be her first leading role in a good movie for a while, so hopefully more details will be out soon!

The movie will be released next winter.

Tokyohive article about movie (English)

Oricon.jp article about movie

Barks.jp article about movie



6 responses

5 07 2011

Yurina looks fierce!

5 07 2011

Airi as a mysterious classmate,,, WHOOO!! sounds totally awesome! Can’t wait for the movie!

5 07 2011

This sounds similar to the manga arisa ( I think it’s called that) except no twins

5 07 2011

It’s not about a cell phone, it was a cell phone novel which means that it was originally distributed via cell phone. It’s actually pretty common in Japan. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cell_phone_novel

5 07 2011

Holy fuck… Yurina just owns this shot!

Sometimes I feel Berryz Koubou is just too good for her…

5 07 2011

OMG I want to see this movie right now!TT.TT and I’m happy to see Yurina in the lead role :D

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