New S/mileage Profile Pictures For “Uchouten LOVE”

4 07 2011

S/mileage’s official page on H!P’s site has been updated with new profile pictures for their 6th single Uchouten LOVE.

The outfits are really one of the best I have seen recently from S/mileage since they’re not “costumes” having the same theme and same colors, but have a similar style which are their signature short skirts with colored tops and many black and colored accessories that add a punch to each girl’s style.

Ayaka has a grey skirt with black ruffles with a pattern of grey rounds on it, and her color is green with the flashy tank top turned around itself on the side with a ribbon where we can see  a blue top underneath, and she’s wearing a black bow headband along with a long blue and pink necklace.



Yuuka’s color is yellow with a bright top that flows on her shoulders with a lipstick drawn and written on it, and she has a pink top underneath that matches the ribbon in her hair, along with a white skirt with black patterns. Her necklace is really simple and she doesn’t have as many accessories as Ayaka but still looks great.


Kanon’s color is bright pink, nearly a soft red with a shirt that has many confetti-like patterns in blue and yellow complemented by a yellow top underneath and a white skirt with black stars and some badges on her shirt along with a simple long necklace and a white star in her hair which is bang-free.

Saki has a more uniform style thanks to her cute soft pink top that has an inscription in black matching the skirt which is mostly black and grey at the same time. She has a more colored top underneath with a pink bow tied in her hair held in a ponytail.


Overall, I have to say that even though we only got the close-up shots for the members so far, I really like the outfits since they have a similar theme without being identical costumes, and they even matched everyone’s hair by curling it in some kind of way.

Hopefully a PV preview will be out soon to see if any other outfits are used and to see those ones worn on the girls in action!

The release date is set for 8/6.

S/mileage official profile page



3 responses

5 07 2011

Those are the best H!P outfits I have seen!I’m not kidding,they are so colorful and unique,I love them!xD Reminds me of Buono!’s outfits!xD

5 07 2011

A lot better than Koi Ni Booing Buu’s pig outfits, although those set the bar pretty low.

6 07 2011
Nele Mannsfeldt

These kinda let me think at Momoiro Sparkling, clothes that wouldn’t be weird if you wore them on street. That’s really nice I think~ I like this clothes so much. I want to steal their clothes~ TOO MUCH LOVE xD UCHOUTEN LOVE!

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