Buono! – “Natsu DAKARA!” Full Radio Preview Released

2 07 2011

The full radio preview for Buono’s 12th single titled Natsu DAKARA! has been released.

This is the first time I have listened to the song and there’s no better way than to listen to the song completely instead of just a small preview and I’m surprised to say the least since I expected to see them go for a more traditional rock sound, but despite it being a ballad I love how the song sounds.

If I had to compare it to another song it would definitely be Take it easy since it has the same slow but still great Buono sound we are used to, and while there might be a few disagreements over what genre Buono are going for lately I would say that they are just “Buono” since their songs might be fast or slow but they keep the traditional sound that many fans love.

I’m not sure if this song is complete since it seems to cut a bit in the end but I love it anyways since it has a great sound, and hopefully everyone can take a listen since it is a great addition to Buono’s songs.

I’ll wait for the PV before deciding for sure what I think about it since it doesn’t seem as catchy as I would have liked, but hopefully Buono fans have their copy reserved since it seems like this single will be pretty unique.

The release date is set for 7/20.

Video uploaded by: 1yrB




12 responses

2 07 2011

Is it just me, or does the song have A LOT of Airi in it?

Other than that, it’s awesome. I love it! Buono still sounds like Buono no matter what genre they sing. :D Definetly my fav H!P group!

2 07 2011

It’s not the full song,we can count the lines when the full PV appears :) Also my fave H!P group :D

2 07 2011

LOVE IT, Waah :D

2 07 2011

Not the full version. We didn’t hear the Momo high notes part’s which are in the PV preview.

This song is… so different Oo. Cool, but not appropriate for Buono in my opinion.

2 07 2011

“Is it just me, or does the song have A LOT of Airi in it?”

No, it’s not just you. I noticed that ever since Airi took the middle she’s been getting more lines than the other girls, which is kind of sad. I always liked Buono! a lot because of their fair line-distribution, but it seems that’s not the case anymore… :(

Despite this, I really like this song. Even though it’s not as “rockish” as their previous single, I think that this song had more effort put into it, which is nice. :)

2 07 2011

Yay for Buono! Although I have to say I find this release a little disappointing. It reminds me a bit too much of MilkyWay’s TanTanTan with the same beat and feel and everything.
I also miss the dances that they did (I didn’t see any hint of a dance shot ver in the preview) I feel they were always really quirky and fun to learn…

2 07 2011

The line distribution sounds pretty equal to me, don’t know what everyone else is up in arms about…

2 07 2011

Love it! I thought I wasn’t going to like it too much since i didn’t like Take it Easy too much either XD

But line distribution sounds pretty even and I don’t think it’s the full preview so we can’t start counting lines yet…

2 07 2011

We shouldn’t count the lines yet,this is not full :-/
I love it!It reminds me of Take It Easy.Can’t wait for the full PV

3 07 2011

I really love this song !!! it makes me feel happy :D

3 07 2011

I’m fine with the song, and I think it truly is a nice sounding song, but it’s bot very Buono!-ish for a single. I guess there are other songs like this on their albums (some of the slower songs are my favourites, even).
Not to say it won’t do well on the charts or anything. I was just expecting upbeat rock again. Oh well, the b-side is pretty rockish.

…Is this going to be like 6 minutes long? There’s still that preview of Momo’s turn singing plus probably an instrumental break. o-o;

4 07 2011

I don’t think it’ll be 6 minutes. If anything, it’l be around 4 minutes. when I heard the title, I automatically knew it would be something like this style. I love it! Ice Mermaid as well.

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