Shuukan Yoro! Vol 98

1 07 2011

Summary: Here’s a summary of what this week’s Shuukan Yoro post contains:

  • Site News: H!P Releases posts, Upcoming Releases section will be uploaded tomorrow, H!P Birthday section updated
  • Polls: Michishige Sayumi wins with 43%, Suzuki Airi in 2nd with 42%, and Sugaya Risako in 3rd with 15%
  • Shuukan Yoro: Hagiwara Mai’s 4th episode featuring classic moments from Momo, Airi, and Jun Jun

Check out the full post after the break!

Site News: This week the H!P Releases section was started up again and for the most part I like how it turned out since I included everything I wanted to say and along with the new look of the links it gave the post a more modern look, but I have many additions planned for that section.

First I plan on adding a 5 star rating system for the H!P Release posts, which means that apart from giving a short review I will also give a rating based on what I thought of each release. I wanted to add this for a while but since I didn’t have internet for a few days during the week I had to focus on the post for the moment since I had to finish it within three hours at a friend’s house, but once I get some time I will work on designing the rating system.

Apart from that I also want to add a few layout changes for that post so that anyone can immediately know that it is an H!P Releases post (like the badge I use on every Shuukan Yoro post at the top), but apart from a few bars to divide the sections I haven’t decided what else to add.

If you have any suggestions about any changes you would like to see on the H!P Releases posts, such as reviewing a bit more in detail or less in detail, please comment below and let me know since I’m currently just using the same “review everything” formula I’ve used for a while.

That being said the Upcoming Releases section will be updated on time tomorrow for sure but I have been thinking of adding a “Released” section featuring about 3 days worth of release dates on the bottom of the page so that fans who don’t check the section that often won’t have to worry about the links being removed that soon, although I’m not sure if I will add it since the H!P Releases posts already feature the links.

I will also update the H!P Birthday section shortly after this post is up so sorry for the lack of updates on that section since I was focused on a few side projects and I forgot about the section completely for a few weeks.

So for now there are many updates planned for the H!P Releases post to make it a really useful posts for fans to use, and along with the Upcoming Releases weekly update and the H!P Birthday section update that should wrap up the planned updates for the weekend, along with the usual Discography and Profile updates that I have set aside for a while.

Polls: The winner for this poll was Michishige Sayumi with 533 votes (43%), congratulations Sayu! Suzuki Airi came in second with 519 votes (42%), and Sugaya Risako came in third with 186 votes (15%).

There was a total of 1,238 votes for this poll.

Congratulations Sayu!

First of all I wanted to mention something quickly in response to a few comments on the poll that usually appear when Gaki or Sayu are featured:

  • Yes they are among my favorite members from H!P but they are treated the same as any other member (the site is named after them but I like Chii, Mano, Airi, and many other H!P members as well)
  • The results for the polls are a combination of votes from all fans and the results are not changed in anyway, I copy the results from the poll totals and all numbers are checked at least 3 times
  • I only vote once like everyone else since I don’t have any special privileges on polls at all
  • The polls are done as fairly as possible

I also wanted to mention a quick reminder since some newer fans who follow the blog might not be aware: If you vote and you want your friend to vote as well from your computer it will unfortunately not work, even if you change your WordPress account since I set the poll settings to only allow one vote per IP address, so if you would like for your friends to vote on a poll please encourage them to do so at their computer.

This method isn’t failproof but it’s the best I can do to make sure all members have an equal chance of winning since this is just a fun part of the site that allows fans to have a friendly competition each week, but due to some taking the results a bit too seriously I had to implement those measures a few years ago, so again sorry if it affects some fans.

That being said Sayu and Airi were really close most of the week but in the end Sayu won with a 14 vote difference and while they are both my favorites I am really glad to see that they both ended up with a really close difference since it shows that they both have really strong fan bases, but the biggest surprise for this poll was Risako.

Compared to last week’s poll Risako got less votes than Ayaka and a lower percentage, which might be due to her going against Sayu and Airi, but I’m more surprised to see someone who once won over Ai-chan a few months ago only got a few votes in this poll so hopefully next time she appears she gets a higher percentage since she is fairly popular.

Congratulations to Sayu again and to Airi as well since they both got a great amount of votes, and better luck next time to Risako.

Next poll will feature Mitsui Aika, Fukumura Mizuki, and Fukuda Kanon and while there is no clear winner it seems that Mitsui and Mizuki will be the main spotlights for this poll, although we will find out for sure once the poll ends next week.

Just a reminder for those who don’t vote: If you do have a chance please vote since it only takes two clicks and you help your favorite member appear as member of the week!

To make it easier for fans I will provide the direct link to the poll HERE.

Please vote!

Shuukan Yoro: It’s the 4th day of Hagiwara Mai’s week about “Yorosen”.

Today the theme for the show is “classic moments” and we get to see some great moments such as Momo’s very clever TV schedule for her station as well as an Airi golf pun and Jun Jun trying out dog food.

For the most part the episode is the same as the previous episodes since we just see a few clips but they are pretty memorable so many fans will probably remember them well, especially Momo’s “Momochu”.

Next week will be the final episode of Yorosen so please look forward to the episode since it will be a very interesting one since we get to see some un-aired footage from the many sections that appeared, like Mitsui’s visit to a dog store and Sayu’s train rides, but for now here is this week’s episode:




3 responses

2 07 2011

It sounds like some fans are getting a tiny bit too competitive in the polls. XD

2 07 2011
Fe Mota

Sayu /
but i love Airi e Risako too. XD

2 07 2011

I’m surprised Kanyon’s already in last o__o I thought she was really popular? I voted for her but I would love to see any of them win c:

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