Konno Asami Will Appear On The Show “Moe x Kon”

1 07 2011

Konno Asami, along with her fellow announcer Ueda Moeko, will be featured on their new show titled Moe x Kon.

The theme of the show hasn’t been announced but I’m glad to see that Konno will finally be appearing on a show since it gives fans a chance to check out her show and like the name suggests it features a combination of nicknames for the two hosts: Moe for Moeko and Kon for Konno, which is pretty cute and catchy.

The official site only features an image of Konno with Ueda and at first glance Konno looks a bit different but it might be due to bad editing or lighting, although we will find out for sure in a few weeks when the show starts.

There aren’t that many details for the show, but hopefully everyone can check it out once it starts airing since the title sounds pretty interesting, although we will find out for sure once it starts.

The show will start on 7/11.

Official Moe x Kon Site




One response

1 07 2011

Omg I didn’t even recognize her! She was my fav MM memeber of ALL times!!

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