HANGRY&ANGRY – “Reconquista” Details Released

1 07 2011

Details for HANGRY&ANGRY’s single titled Reconquista have been released on the official H&A site.

The site was updated with many details about the single, most notably their new look as well as the cover for their single:

Information about the release was also announced and the single will have two separate release dates: on iTunes in early July and a CD release in August.

Apart from news about the single they also announced the DVD release for their LIVE CIRCUIT 2010 “Sadistic Dance” tour, which will be released on the same date as their single in August.

I expected to see details for their new single sometime soon but I didn’t expect to see so many details just a few hours after the single was announced, and I’m really impressed by many of the details since we got all the information we needed and with a release of their new single being only a few days away I am sure many fans will be really happy.

Their new look is simply amazing since they changed their dark theme for a new brighter white look which most likely reflects their recent label change. The colors for their outfits are the same but they each have a few details which combine with the color of their character, for example Yossie who has a pink collar, laces, bracelet, and cape which make her look really cool.

Rika in contrast has the same gothic lolita theme she had before but with many blue accessories, like her collar, tie, bracelets, and garter and while she might look a bit too serious I really like her look since it mixes well with her character in a cute and serious way.

As for the cover we get to see Yossie and Rika in cool poses with a fence behind them covered in HANGRY&ANGRY dolls, and along with the black and pink punk logo with HANGRY&ANGRY-F the cover is one of the best I have seen from them since the bright white theme looks amazingly good on the outfits and the cover.

The DVD release for their LIVE CIRCUIT 2010 Sadistic Dance performances will be a great way to enjoy performances from their many appearances, and since it will be released on the same day as their single it is the perfect way for fans to enjoy two H&A releases in the same day.

Everything we got to see, from the covers to their bright white outfits looks amazing, so I hope many fans are planning on buying a copy of their single when it will be released since there is less than a week left for the release on iTunes.

Fans worldwide won’t have to wait long to hear their new song, but I hope many of the fans who buy the song on iTunes also buy a copy of the CD release since it will be a great way to support them on their new label.

The release date for the song on iTunes is set for 7/2, the CD release and the DVD for LIVE CIRCUIT will be released on 8/10.

HANGRY&ANGRY Official Site



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1 07 2011

The single is already available via j-iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/jp/album/id444923725

You can get a 30 second preview.
The girls have also switched labels from Zetima to Universal. And the man that directed their Top Secret PV will be directing Reconquista’s PV as well.

The single will be digitally available in France (and I’m assuming worldwide) 7/3. The disc itself will be released 8/10.

1 07 2011

Thank you very much! ^o^

I saw the Japanese version on iTunes but since the worldwide release was only a day away I decided to wait a bit before posting the link on Twitter. It’s now available worldwide ^_^
It’s interesting to see that they will use the same director for their Top Secret PV and I’m really looking forward to seeing how it will turn out.

1 07 2011

We got the chance to hear the new single first hand at Japan Expo today. I really loved it. A single to get absolutely when it’s out ;)
And just a question but in the DVD of the live tour, will there be some takes from their trip to Europe?

1 07 2011

I’m glad that fans got to hear the new single firsthand ^o^
And I think it will be released worldwide by tomorrow, but for now it’s already available on the Japanese iTunes site ^_^

They might add but I don’t know for sure since they most likely already edited everything together, but we might see another DVD (FC or normal) being released later for their many trips around the world ^_^

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