Up Up Girls To Appear Regularly At MAP Theater

30 06 2011

The electronics store Sofmap will collaborate with the digital TV channel PigooHD to open up an idol theater in Akihabara on mid-July called MAP Theater.

The theater will feature special performances during the weekend with five regular groups performing each weekday:

  • Monday: Tokyo Girls’ Style
  • Tuesday: Nakano Fujo Sisters & Fudanjuku
  • Wednesday: Tokyo Cheer Party
  • Thursday: Up Up Girls
  • Friday: Idol Street

I’m really happy to see that the Up Up Girls have a place where they can regularly perform since it’s a great sign that they are becoming more and more popular, and since the theater is located in Akihabara it should be a really good way of gaining new fans while promoting the group for any future activities.

So far there have been quite a lot of signs that the group is doing a really good job with promotion, most recently their Superstar K auditions and I’m glad for them since they are a group with a lot of talent that seriously needs a debut as a group, and even though there was a mention about their debut a few months ago there is still no mention of any release by them.

Despite that, fans will most likely love attending weekly performances from the group since they can check out their covers of songs and their dances, and while we find out more from their Superstar auditions until next month this should be a good way for fans to show their support.

Hopefully fans who are in the area can check out their performances every Thursday after the theater opens since this is really good news (“weekly performances in Akihabara” are always good news for any group).

The theater will open on 7/16.

MAP Theater Site



One response

1 07 2011
Janis Rancourt

This is just EPIC news. Not only is it Up Up Girls, but also Fudanjuku. I could just die of happiness right now… XD

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