S/mileage To Appear On Music Japan

30 06 2011

According to their official site, S/mileage will have a taping for the show Music Japan in August.

There are quite a lot of other popular groups that will appear alongside S/mileage on the day of the taping, such as SKE48, SDN48, Koda Kumi, SHINee, SPEED, and Nana Mizuki, and I’m really glad to see that they will since they can show off their new single while showing off their bright personalities against the other groups.

Their new single is among my favorites from the group so it will be interesting to see just how the audience will receive the song since it is a bit different compared to their previous releases, but I am confident that the song will be received well since it has a catchy sound with great vocals and even though the show will air after the single is released it should help with sales quite a bit since the show is pretty popular.

Right now there is no verified date when the show will air but it will most likely air on one of the three dates mentioned below, so hopefully fans are looking forward to their appearance.

The taping will be on 8/1 and it will air either on 8/7, 8/14, or 8/21.

S/mileage Official Site Article

NHK Site For Music Japan




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