Nakajima Saki 2nd PB Announced, Titled “W Saki”

29 06 2011

A second PB for Nakajima Saki titled W Saki has been announced.

I was very pleased about this announcement since it has been quite some time since Saki’s first solo release which was pretty impressive thanks to her natural beauty and gorgeous figure, so I’m sure this will please all of her fans who are waiting for this eagerly.

Event though we didn’t get a confirmation about a DVD coming along with this release, it most probably should be announced sooner or later unless they just want her to be releasing a solo PB for fans to enjoy, but even if she doesn’t get her 2nd solo DVD, I hope that everyone can purchase a copy to support her.

The title of the PB doesn’t give out a clear theme that the PB might have, but it’s still very cute and attractive (I immediately though of the unit “W”), so we’ll have to wait and see what kind of theme it will have since I’m sure that Nakky’s releases won’t disappoint anyone.

Overall, I’m really happy to see that Nakky is getting another solo release since this will please her fans as well as give her some exposure, so hopefully everyone can reserve a copy soon.

The release date is set for 7/15. page about product

EDIT: A preview of the cover has been released, it’s still LQ but gives us a clear theme and some details are out thanks to claneski@ H!O

The cover is really interesting since it looks different from usual releases since Nakky is taking a pose very cute and attractive in a short yellow outfit with pigtails, holding a white sheet where the title is written in black with it’s white reflection underneath, which seems to fit the criteria described in the following:

– The title read “Double Saki”
– The theme is ‘black and white’
– Various version of Nakky, from her idol to mature self
– Published by KidsNet, so most likely there won’t be an image dvd, just like her first.

When I read those, I was at first a little disappointed since it seems that she won’t get a solo DVD, but the whole idea of the PB with the “double” sides going from the title to her pictures seem really interesting and I can’t wait until we get some previews and a clearer cover!



10 responses

29 06 2011

This news makes me VERY happy!!!

29 06 2011

“… from her idol to mature self” That sounds nice! I love Nakky, I think she is very under-appreciated.

29 06 2011
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29 06 2011

Am I the only one that associates the “W” with her cover pose?

29 06 2011

It’s read ‘Double Saki’ and is supposed to have a white and black theme hence the title.

29 06 2011

Yes, I know that. But that doesn’t mean that’s the only possible meaning it /could/ have. Honestly.

30 06 2011

I wasn’t trying to be mean. So why are you getting so ‘honestly?’ at me. I was just saying what I heard, and you’ve just made me feel sad =(

30 06 2011

Because it’s in the post and was there when I made my comment; felt like you were correcting me with something I’ve already read. And if I said “I think the ‘W’ represents her pose”, then I’d probably had replied less rudely. But since I used “associate”, which doesn’t mean the same thing as “represents” or even work similar as a definition, I was upset you felt the need to correct me.
Sorry, though, for getting rude.

30 06 2011

The ‘edit’ wasn’t there when I made the comment…and since it said ‘The title of the PB doesn’t give out a clear theme that the PB might have’ earlier on…that’s why I commented it…


30 06 2011

Since the edit was there before I made my comment,and your comment was made after mine… I can only assume you just didn’t notice it when you first read the article ,then. (Not saying you didn’t, by the way. Just that it would make more sense to me unless you kept the tab/window of your comment open and posted a good while after or something like that.)

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