H!P Releases June 29

29 06 2011

As promised I will restart the H!P Releases posts in an effort to show fans what is being released each day along with a short review of each good released. I hope many fans find will find the posts useful since they are a good way to be aware of what is going on in terms of releases.

Starting off the H!P Releases post we have:

  • Morning MusumeOnly You Single V
  • Mano ErinaMy Days For You (Regular, Limited A, and Limited B)
  • S/mileage‘s 1st Live Tour 2010 Aki – Devil Smile Angel Smile – Blu-ray

I will do the post similar to the Shuukan Yoro posts, meaning that I will put the full post after the break, that way anyone who is interested only has to check out the post and those who aren’t won’t have to worry about many Youtube videos slowing down the page.

I will make a few changes during the next few posts so that this section looks better and I hope to detail any changes in the next Shuukan Yoro post, but for now please enjoy this post.

Morning Musume – “Only You” Single V

  1. Only You
  2. Only You (Image Ver.)
  3. Making Of

For the most part I usually don’t pay that much attention to Single V’s but I’m glad to see that they still release them since fans who love the PVs can buy the Single V and enjoy 2 versions of the PV along with a Making of that adds depth into how they were made.

The PV features many shots but they mainly circle around a dance shot in a white hall (as well as a similar shot but with dark red colors to show off the energy of the song), a group shot of the members sitting in a formation while diamonds float around them, and solo close-up shots of each member in front of a rotating diamond background.

Since I already have said what I like about each shot I won’t go into much detail but I absolutely love the PV since the energy of the song mixes perfectly with the  bright white “pure” look of the dance shot as well as the dark red background of both the dance shot and the shot of the members in a formation looking at the camera, and along with the solo close-up shots of each member this PV is one of the best I have seen since they manage to make a simple theme look elegant and stunning.

My favorite looks for the PV would obviously go to Ai-chan, Risa, Sayumi, Mizuki, and Kanon since they each have a unique characteristic that made them stand out: Ai-chan with her blond hair matched the pure bright theme of the shots and stood out in every scene she was in (most likely because she is the only member with blond hair) while Risa’s more mature hairstyle and energy during her lines made the PV even more powerful.

Sayumi’s natural beauty made the elegant diamonds pale in comparison and by adding her natural mature character into every move she really stood out while Mizuki’s natural personality matches the song perfectly and while she didn’t sing that much every single one of her shots are among my favorite since her cute looks matched the elegance of the scenes. Kanon surprised me since she is usually the most energetic member, and by remaining calm and showing off her mature side with her calm and cute look she did an amazing job matching and even surpassing her senpai’s poses.

Overall the PV was among the best I have seen from the group since they matched the elegant and powerful ballad sound that the song has, and while we could have used a few more shots I really am impressed with what they managed to do for this PV (less is more), but I wish we could see their next single feature similar effects from this PV combined with more shots.

For now I can only find the main PV and I’m not sure what the Image version will contain but I encourage anyone who is curious to get a copy of the Single V so they can find out for themselves since this release has been amazing so far.

Here is the normal version of the PV for anyone who would like to check it out again, and if you like it and would like to see it in your home along with an alternate version and a Making of I encourage you to get a copy to see for yourselves.

Video uploaded by: morningmusumechannel

Mano Erina – “My Days For You”

From left to right: Regular, Limited A, Limited B

  1. My Days For You
  2. 10 Carat no Kirameki
  3. My Days For You (Instrumental)

Mano Erina’s 10th single which debuted at #7 on the Oricon chart.

Mano’s releases tend to be somewhat overshadowed by her other activities, mainly her appearances in dramas and movies, so it’s not surprising to see that her singles don’t do that well since she is probably known more for those activities than a solo singer, and along with a small but solid fanbase within H!P she is a really an under appreciated artist but I really hope that can change soon since this, like many other of her past singles, is amazing.

Her songs tend to lean into the ballad area and this release is no different since we get to listen to a powerful ballad with a catchy beat and despite it not featuring that many qualities that make it stand out against other H!P songs, such as Only You or Ai no Dangan I was amazed as always since her voice sounds better than ever, and with the simple but powerful instrumental it complements the song and it becomes even better.

The covers feature Mano simply smiling at the camera (Regular), a PB styled cover with three pictures of Mano enjoying a juice box (Limited A), and an amazing and sexy themed picture of Mano looking at the camera with a calm glance and while they might have a simple theme I really loved the way they came out since the many poses really show off her beauty, but I hope we get to see slightly more unique themes for her next single.

Video uploaded by: ManoErinaCHANNEL

30 second preview of the main PV

We haven’t seen the normal version of the PV, instead we got the “Riverside Ver” which is an alternate version of the PV where we only see Mano walking along a road while people pass by her, and even though I really would have preferred to see the normal version I have to admit that this is a great version of the PV since the song goes along perfectly with the calm scene.

We should see the main version of the PV sometime soon since the single has already been released, but meanwhile here is the Riverside version of the PV:

Video uploaded by: ManoErinaCHANNEL

As for the b-side I haven’t gotten a chance to hear it yet but I encourage everyone to buy a copy of the single to find out for themselves just how great it sounds since most of her songs are really catchy and some of the best from H!P.

Overall this single has it all: a strong but powerful ballad with a catchy beat, what appears to be a unique PV featuring many casual shots of Mano walking and singing while going around with her casual life and many amazing covers where we get to see Mano in many perfect poses.

I really, really hope everyone has already checked out the song since it is a really good ballad that is well done and while you might not want to buy a full single from CDJapan or other sites I do encourage you to buy the song from iTunes when it is released for a dollar and add it to your collection since Mano never disappoints.

S/mileage’s 1st Live Tour 2010 Aki – Devil Smile Angel Smile – Bluray

01. Onaji Jikyuu de Hataraku Tomodachi no Bijin Mama
02. Ganbaranakutemo ee nende!
03. Smile Bijin
04. Shikkari Shite yo! Mou (Album song)
05. Asu wa Date na no ni, Ima Sugu Koe ga Kikitai!
06. Otome Pasta ni Kandou
07. Gakyuuiinchou (Album song)
08. Ama no Jaku
09. Thank you! Cream Brulee no Yuujou
10.Otona ni Narutte Muzukashii!!!
Puppet show
11. Koisuru Angel Heart
12. Chokotto LOVE
13. Shooting star (Album song)
14. Yume Miru 15sai
15. Suki-chan

16. Onaji Jikyuu de Hataraku Tomodachi no Bijin Mama

Since I haven’t seen much of the DVD I can’t comment about the concert directly or the blu-ray since I have no idea how the entire concert looks but it’s basically just a higher definition version of the original DVD so it should be a perfect addition to any fan’s collection since they can relive the concert or check it out for the first time in the best quality possible.

I did get a chance to see a few performances from the tour DVD, mainly Yume Miru 15sai and I have to say that I’m amazed at how well it sounds since the song starts off with a powerful techno intro that leads into the song, and along with the powerful dance and the great vocals the song performance is one of the best I have seen from the group, and since this is regular quality it will most likely a lot better on the blu-ray edition.

Video uploaded by: smileage9998

Clip from the normal DVD version of the concert

I wouldn’t consider myself the best S/mileage fan since I don’t listen to their songs as much as I do compared to the rest of H!P but I do like their songs and from the setlist for the concert I am sure that this is a perfect concert since we get to hear them perform many of their songs from their early releases along with more recent singles, covering a really wide range of genres.

I encourage fans to check out the blu-ray release of the concert since higher definition might make the difference for some and along with an interesting setlist full with many of S/mileage’s best songs it’s a must have in any S/mileage fan’s collection who own a blu-ray player.

Overall this day was full of many great releases since we get a single, DVD, and a Blu-ray, and while I like Momusu and S/mileage a lot I have to say that the main stand out for this day is Mano’s single since it includes a powerful and catchy ballad, so I strongly recommend everyone check it out.

For now here are the links to buy the singles, DVD, and Blu-ray:

Morning Musume
Only You (Single V)
Mano Erina
My Days For You (Single)
Mano Erina
My Days For You (Single+DVD)
Limited A
Mano Erina
My Days For You (Single)
Limited B
1st Live Tour 2010 Aki – Devil Smile Angel Smile – (Blu-ray)




3 responses

29 06 2011

Ah, glad these are back, they provide a nice recap to every “round” of H!P releases. Lots of text, a lot of work must go in these posts.

Glad to see Mano’s new single debuted higher than her last one. It’s funny: people rail against her for having “boring” songs (I don’t), yet it’s the “boring” songs that seem to do well. My copy is still underway. Must get here sooner!

30 06 2011

Apparently morning musume are going to disband after when ai leaves next year there gon :(

30 06 2011

Absolutely not true at all XD

Tsunku mentioned that Gaki was going to succeed Ai-chan as the leader so it’s a pretty good sign that nothing will happen to Momusu, and he recently mentioned in a show or interview that he has already planned out 3 years of Momusu’s future plans following Ai-chan’s graduation and the 10ki generations so he pretty much just guaranteed that they will be around for a while (a lot more than 3 years for sure) ^_^

I would recommend you don’t listen to any posts made on forums without any confirmation since many of the comments are made from trolls or people who have way too much free time ^_^

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