Mano Erina Will Perform A Studio Live On “U-LA-LA@7”

28 06 2011

Mano Erina is scheduled to perform a studio live on the Tokyo MX show U-LA-LA@7.

Mano doesn’t usually have many TV performances for her singles but I’m really glad to see that she at least has two so far for this single (the other being her appearance with Kikka) since it gives viewers a chance to check out the song and hopefully buy the single afterwards and since it will be a studio live it should give us a chance to check out the song performance and how the outfit and choreography will look.

The performance is scheduled for the day that her single is released so it should be of great help with the sales throughout the first week, and even though I’m not completely sure how popular the show is, any promotion is good promotion since her singles haven’t been doing that well lately (they usually sell around 13,000 ~ 15,000).

Hopefully this performance helps with her sales throughout the first week since it is a really good song, but for now I hope fans have their copies reserved since the single will be released soon (tomorrow in Japan).

The show is set for 6/29 at 7:00 ~ 8:00.

U-LA-LA@7 Site



One response

29 06 2011

She didn’t actually perform on the show. She just ended up talking with the host about the single (and other things), and showing small pieces of the PV.

I was so looking foward to a performance.~

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