Hello! Channel Vol.5 Mook Cover Released

28 06 2011

The cover for the 5th H!P mook titled Hello! Channel Vol.5 has been released.

I have to say that I was pretty impressed when I first saw the cover since it features all of the group’s leaders (Takahashi Ai, Yajima Maimi, Shimizu Saki and Wada Ayaka) posing on the street in suits and ties with a big white building behind them.

The first thing that caught my attention was Ai-chan since thanks to her haircut and pose, she definitely looks the most “manly” out of the girls followed by Captain, and I really like the whole concept of having the group’s leaders pose in buisness women outfits since it kind of reflects their position in the groups and sets this cover apart from the previous ones.

As you might have noticed, Mano Erina doesn’t appear in the cover, which is surprising since all of the leaders of the whole “Mobekimasu” groups where set to be present, but since we can’t really say she’s a leader, she got the whole back cover of the mook for herself to compensate which should equalize the share.

Overall, I’m really excited for this release since it seems that many new features and activities are planned for the members this month, so hopefully everyone can order a copy!

The release date is set for 7/13.

Amazon.jp page about product

E-hon page about product




8 responses

28 06 2011

D’aww they look great.

28 06 2011

Ai is pimp!

28 06 2011
C'est la Vie

I wish Mano got to interact more with the group members like this T-T I know she’s a soloist and all, but it seems lonely like this…

Plus, there’s a gap there where she would fit perfectly!

28 06 2011

Ai is gooooooooooorgeous. Augh, how I love a woman in a good suit.

28 06 2011

omg Ai is so hot as a man too O.O

29 06 2011

At a first glance the building in the background looked like the Capitol building. Then I realized that made no sense.

29 06 2011

Prime minister Takahashi and Hello Pro cabinet,this unique shot remind me such fantasy. Background is japanese Diet building and Takahashi made the most manly posing like Takarazuka male role star that she has been longing for .At the cover,one of theme of this book
written in big letter”About leaderships–“she is usually very gentle,but
when talking about rival,she bares her feeling”We don’t want to be defeated by AKB or K-pop.”As the top leader of H.P.,she may feel rgret
without regaining the past glory of Momusu.But ,Ai-chan,please feel
easy about it.Other H.P.members and fans in all over the world will surely do it.

29 06 2011

This is so cool. Dawa is the only one we haven’t seen in a suit before thanks to those High-King concert outfits. XD
Oooh, it says there’s a 9th gen dance game battle. :O

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