Kikkawa You- DVD Covers Released For “Kikkawa Yuu to sono Butaiura” And “Kikkake wa YOU!”

26 06 2011

The DVD covers for “Kikkawa Yuu to sono Butaiura” and “Kikkake wa YOU!”  have been released.

The cover on the left is for “Kikkawa Yuu to sono Butaiura” while the cover on the right is for “Kikkake wa YOU!”

 The left DVD is for behind the scene footage of Kikka and it also explains the black and white photos of her practicing. Even though this cover lacks some color I still like the contrast of the pink logo and blue diamond background.

The right DVD is for Kikka’s movie, the cover is for both the limited and normal edition of the movie. Even though they share the same cover keep in mind that the actual DVD contents are different. This cover is really bright and it’s probably because they used the yellow background but it matches Kikka and it looks good.

Overall the covers are nice and both of them match each other so hopefully the matching cover persuade fans into buying both.

The release date for the DVDs is set for 7/13.

DVD discography page




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