Hello! Channel Vol.4 DVD Cover Released

26 06 2011

The DVD cover for 4th volume of the Hello! Channel series on DVD titled Hello! Channel The DVD Vol.4 has been released.

As you might have noticed, the cover is the same image used in the actual mook, but with many additions to it to make it look more appropriate for being a DVD cover, and with all of the text that had been covering the image for the mook is gone, we can see the picture more clearly and the cover as a whole seems pretty nice.

The main changes in the cover are the border added since it looks like some brown box paper with the image in the center that features Ai-chan in a rooster outfit with the 4 members of the 9th generation in yellow and matching colored chick outfits, and the interesting part is the many doodles added such as stars, hearts and smileys that make the cover enjoyable and cute to look at (the doodles ressemble the ones that Ai-chan uses most of the time in her blog pictures).

Also, the text is something I really like since it’s well positionned with the image and doesn’t seem to distract too much, and it’s nice to see that they kept the same style for the “Hello! Channel” that is used on the mook instead of putting back the old usual one, and the “The DVD vol.4” mention is written in various letters over a small area that has journal paper as a background.

Overall, I really like how the cover turned out to be and I highly recommend everyone who’s interested to reserve a copy to enjoy seeing the girls doing various activities.

The product was available to pre-order from 4/22 till 5/13.

e-Lineup page about product




2 responses

27 06 2011

For people who missed the pre-order from elineup, it is also available on H!P Shop http://www.helloshop.jp/item/itemlist/?ct_seq=19&it_seq=17372 . But both of them will require deputy service not unless you have friends over in Japan who is willing to buy it for you.

27 06 2011

Thank you for providing the link!!
The product was also available at CDJapan but there is some problems with the stocks and shipping so I didn’t post the link…

Hopefully those who missed it can use the link above to purchase it! ^_^

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