Goto Maki’s Pre-Hiatus Activities

26 06 2011

Goto Maki has previously announced that she’ll be going on hiatus in 2011, but some activities have been announced to be held before that.

The list of her currently planned activities are in sum: a new single to be released in July, a full album during the fall and a concert/tour in december just before going on hiatus.

I have to say that I’m happy to see that she has some activites planned before instead of just stopping her activity for fans directly, since this will be an opportunity for her fans to support her by buying her single, album and going to her concert one last time before her long break.

Also to note that unlike her recent releases which have been nothing but mini-albums, this full release will be one awaited one by fans since it will feature many new songs that will hopefully be performed in her concerts later on, so I’m happy about this announcement since many of her fans will be pleased.

Overall, it’ll be quite a busy end of year for Maki with all of the preparation for her hiatus, but hopefully everyone can support her and be present with her during her last performances and releases.

The single is set to release in July, the album in the Fall and the concert tour will be in December.




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