Dream Morning Musume- Guests on Hey! Hey! Hey!

26 06 2011

Nakazawa Yuko mentioned on her blog that Dream Morning Musume will be on the show Hey! Hey! Hey!

Nakazawa didn’t mention if all the members were going to appear or if only a few of them would but I hope that it is everyone will be on the show since it’d be interesting to see the talk segment of everyone together.

Nakazawa also didn’t mention if they were performing on the show but if they do they’re most likely to perform a medley of Morning Musume classics (Renai Revolution, Love Machine etc.)

This will most likely be an interesting show so I highly recommend everyone to try and see it.

They will be featured on guests on 7/25.

Nakazawa Yuko’s Blog Entry




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26 06 2011

It’s the 700th episode of Hey! Hey! Hey! I believe.

26 06 2011

If it’s so, special episode = special guests = special performance?
I really wish all of the members will be present ♥

26 06 2011

Special episode = Morning Musume X Dream Morning Musume = Special Morning Musume medley XD

Maybe that’s a little too much for the 700th episode but it’d be an awesome episode.

26 06 2011
Roddy Reta

Nice, but it sounds like more of a nostalgia-based appearance, much like the performance they gave last fall. Looking backwards instead of forwards.

If regular Momusu makes an appearance on Heyx3, promoting their latest single, then I will be officially excited.

27 06 2011
Natalie 'DSQ' B.

I agree, I think it is sad that DMM is so easily able to go on to these big shows and MM can’t :(

26 06 2011

Dream Morning. Musume will also appear on a live show called ‘Ongaku no Hi’ on July 16th just to let you know.

26 06 2011

Few days ago,Junjun and Linlin have come to japan,but they don’t say the purpose. Some 2ch fans say they will attend this TV show or others say their coming to Japan may be for something new project,and Junjun and linlin got driver’s license very lately,this may be connected with their coming. It seems their coming is not for mere sight seeing.

26 06 2011

Linlin so far has went to see Morning Musume’s concert as for Junjun I believe she’s headed to Japan or already there. No one knows what they’re doing yet but 2ch isn’t such a reliable source so until it’s confirmed we can just ignore those rumors.

27 06 2011

As one of 2ch fan,i want to add some explanations.All informations in 2ch can not be denied.There are some “true” info. and these are not gained in fan’s websites or official sites or members’ blogs. These are obtained by eager fans using their money and their own body actually go to concert , event or investigate Hello Pro from many directions. There are various fans,ages are from 10s to 60s,their occupations are also various.And Hello Pro 2ch fans are main supporters of Hello Pro,Up Front may not admit it,without 2ch fans, Hello Pro will be
unable to continue existing.

27 06 2011

It is true that 2ch has some true info, in fact, most of the info that H!P fans get is from that site (setlists, graduations, auditions, etc) ^_^;;;
And 2ch is made up of most of the fans for H!P that usually range from the ages you stated, and including the fans overseas there are many many types of fans who follow Momusu, Berryz, C-ute, etc ^_^;;;

It is weird to see Jun Jun and Lin Lin both coming to visit the group at the same time, and I doubt they would come for no reason other than to visit their old friends from the group since Lin Lin has been appearing somewhat regularly on a show, so it is true that there might be some other reason for their visit.

I hope we find out soon ^o^
Thanks for the info ^_^

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