Takahashi Ai’s Ameba Blog Store Has Her First Item Available

24 06 2011

Takahashi Ai’s Ameba Blog store has her first produced item available for sale.

I wasn’t expecting anything to be released until after her graduation but her first product is an iPhone 4 cover that was made with the help of Gizmobiles.

The design is real simple as well as cute. The front is black with the words “push” where the center button is and the back is white with a strawberry splash in the corner. Unfortunately for the guys, the cover seems more for girls, but if your a guy that doesn’t mean you can’t support Ai and buy one anyways.

Also I wanted to mention that this is the only H!P related phone cover I’ve ever seen, I’m not sure if anyone even makes H!P phone covers so I see it as something special since it was created by Ai-chan.

Here’s what the product looks like:

Takahashi Ai Ameba Blog Store




13 responses

24 06 2011

it’s adorable! i think i might actually buy it! ^^
i can’t wait to see what other products she makes

24 06 2011

Didn’t HelloStoreUSA recently offera whole load of H!P iPhone cases? They’re not on the site now but they were a while ago.

24 06 2011

Sry for the double post. Ever since WordPress changed the commenting, I’ve just not gotten used to it. Please delete :D

24 06 2011

Yes they recently offered a few H!P iPhone cases but from what I understand this is the first one designed by an H!P member, the others simply have an image of a member ^_^

Hopefully we get to see this case in the Hello Store USA, but most likely fans will have to either buy it from another buyer.

24 06 2011

Maybe the name Ai-Phone does help.

24 06 2011

Yes they did. I bought an Aika one ^^ H!P does make Iphone cases…and even suit cases now x-x

24 06 2011

H!P makes everything XD

24 06 2011

Only if I had an iPhone…

24 06 2011

I would buy this if I had an iphone! It looks so cute!

Do you think they would make blackberry covers?

24 06 2011

:O it’s so neat! I want it… too bad I don’t own an iPhone.

24 06 2011
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24 06 2011

gaaaah I want this so bad! I hope she sells something that I can actually buy! too bad I hate the iPhone ha

24 06 2011

I have an Iphone. Now I just need money to buy it… D’:

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