Short Video From S/mileage Audition Released

24 06 2011

Earlier today the official S/mileage Youtube site uploaded a video of the new S/mileage member auditions.

The video features about 10 minutes of shots of the many applicants who were lined up for the audition, as well as a surprise appearance by S/mileage showing their support and encouraging them to do their best. Apart from a small comment from S/mileage we also get to see footage of some of the girls auditioning as well as some short interviews by the cameraman.

For the most part it’s a great video for S/mileage fans to look at since the future 5th member (or more) could have appeared in the footage, and while it’s too early to say so for sure the many applicants who appeared each had their unique charms that will most likely make fans root for them.

I was actually a bit surprised to see the great variety of girls that appeared and while there were a few who didn’t show off that much energy there were a few notable members that appeared, such as the twins (895 and 896) and girl #801 who seemed like they would make interesting additions to the group, but since we only saw about a dozen or so girls clearly it’s somewhat hard to say for sure how they did compared to the others.

The video also shows off a few girls dancing and since choreography will be a big part of being a S/mileage member I am glad that we get to see it since we can see for ourselves who did a good job, but most of the rest of the video features a Tsunku interview where he answers a few questions in front of the camera so there’s only about 4 minutes and 30 seconds of the actual girls.

For the most part most of the girls seemed to be very comfortable in front of the camera like the twins who chatted quite a lot of time and seemed to have a great personality as well as the #801 girl who looks like she could be a great member or Egg, but I’m looking forward to finding out more about the audition and who passed since it seems like there is quite a lot of talent in the applicants.

Tsunku has done a great job selecting members for other groups so I trust that he will select an interesting and energetic member, but for now all we can do is check out the video and hope that more footage is released soon.




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24 06 2011
C'est la Vie

Please Tsunku! The twins!!!

H!P needs some twins!!!! It’d be so awesome!!

24 06 2011

Wow, they’re all so cute! You’re right, 801 does seem like she would fit in perfectly. And twins would be nice, too! Seeing this video has eased my fears quite a bit.

24 06 2011

Yeah. Former Egg hirano tomomi was a twin but her twin did make it in.

24 06 2011

Harsh.. :/

24 06 2011

I thought 801 also, or the twins.

But to be honest I still don’t want this to happen ;_;

24 06 2011

#33!!!! I adore the hula girl :P

24 06 2011

The hula girl seems funny :D #801 looks like she would fit in.I also like the twins.:D

24 06 2011

Lot’s of cute ones. Heaps of potential. And OMG Twins!

25 06 2011

According to a comment on YouTube and a translation on JPLOP, the twins are Ito Chisato and Ito Misato. They were both formerly Charmkids, and released a DVD together.

25 06 2011

Oh, if that’s true, then they’re already famous and Tsunku definitely won’t let them in.. :/

25 06 2011

any translation of what Tsunku said at the end?

25 06 2011

I want the twins in! <3

25 06 2011
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27 06 2011

why cant i watch it??? its says im not allowed!!

27 06 2011

It seems that the S/mileage account has made the video private since I get the same message “This video is private” ^_^;;;

Most likely they will upload new footage from their auditions soon so we will probably see the final 10 or final 5 sometime in the next few weeks (or months), but for now it seems that we will have to wait.

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