“~Morning Days Happy Holiday Tokubetsu Hen~ Ai Takahashi Fanclub Tour in Fukui” Announced

24 06 2011

Takahashi Ai revealed in her blog that she will have a final FC bus tour in Fukui during September titled ~Morning Days Happy Holiday Tokubetsu Hen~ Ai Takahashi Fanclub Tour in Fukui.

This was confirmed in an FC page which features more information about the event.

Ai-chan will be very busy but I am glad to see that a final FC bus tour as a Momusu member has been announced since fans can show their support before her graduation, and since the FC bus tour will be done in between the final dates for her last tour it will most likely be a must see event for all Ai-chan fans.

The tour will start on the 23rd and will last until the 25th, which is also the date for the concert in Ai-chan’s hometown before the two planned dates at the Nippon Budokan so fans who attend the event and were planning on attending the Fukui concert won’t miss out (if they have tickets) and since it is her hometown it will be a very memorable event for both Ai-chan and her fans since she will have less than a week left before she graduates.

Tickets are around the same price as other bus tours (50,000 to about 60,000 Yen) so it might be somewhat costly for some, but since this is her last FC tour as a Momusu member this will most likely not be an issue for many Ai-chan fans, so I hope many fans can attend this event to show their support to Ai-chan while she shows her fans interesting areas around her hometown.

The FC tour will probably fill up pretty fast but there will most likely be many friends and family attending the concert alongside fans during her last Fukui performance so hopefully anyone who is in the area can go to the concert before the final dates at Budokan.

The bus tour will be from 9/23 ~ 9/25.

Takahashi Ai Blog Post

FC Page For Ai-chan’s Bus Tour In Fukui




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