Sayashi Riho 1st Solo DVD Announced

23 06 2011

A solo DVD release for 9th generation member Sayashi Riho, currently untitled, has been announced.

I was very surprised to say the least about the announcement since I expected more an e-Hello! from Riho than an actual solo release, but yet, It seems logical due to her major popularity and her nice looks.

Even though we don’t have any details yet apart from the announcement, I’m really excited to see if it will be a DVD accompanied with a PB or not, and I really hope there will be a PB since judging by her photos in recent magazines and official pictures, she seems to have a perfect face and figure to handle releasing both a PB and DVD.

Overall, I’m really excited for this release since we’ll finally see Riho in action in front of the camera, and hopefully more details will be out soon.

Hopefully all of the 9ki members will also get the chance to release solo DVDs later on since they are usually more fun to watch than e-Hello’s and it would be unfair that Riho gets one and the others don’t, but for now please support Riho!

The release date is set for 8/31.

Kinokuniya page about product

EDIT: The PB has been partially confirmed by Neowing in the description of the DVD, and according to that description it will be released sometime in August. For now it seems like a PB will be released for sure, but we need the confirmation from Wanibooks although I’m happy to see that she will get her first release and I’m looking forward to seeing how it turns out.

Neowing Page




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23 06 2011

I think any of the 9th generation having a photobook now is really good! It helps them get noticed more, and also gives them a chance to do lots of things and grow more quickly! I really want Mizuki to have one next, but as far as who it would be best for, probably Eripon so she could work on being less camera-shy, even though she has already improved so much! I really love the 9th gen! So, congratulations, Riho, and good luck to everyone else! <3

23 06 2011

The photobook hasn’t actually been confirmed, it’s only the DVD that’s been announced but I guess you’re right, any chance for them to get noticed is good ^^

23 06 2011

Fair enough. It’s probably only a few weeks before a photobook is announced though, they usually go with DVDs, right? Haha, I bet she’ll do really well either way :)

23 06 2011

I just updated the post but according to the Neowing page the PB will be released in August, so it’s at least partially confirmed although we need to get a confirmation from Wanibooks to be 100% sure ^_^


23 06 2011
Roddy Reta

I like Riho a lot, but UFA couldn’t be any more blatant in pushing her over the other kyukkies. Hopefully, the E-hellos for Mizuki, Suzuki, and Eripon will sell well enough so they get their own DVDs.

23 06 2011

I know what you mean! I have a really bad Mizuki bias! she’s SO cute! Zukki too! As much as I love Riho, it’d be nice if UFA gave them all equal opportunity.

23 06 2011

yayy happy for this!
riho is soo adorable :)

23 06 2011

Didn’t Mizuki already have a solo dvd

23 06 2011

Technically yes, but a solo DVD is somewhat different compared to the e-Lineup DVDs since they are usually accompanied by a PB and they usually feature many more outfits compared to the 3 outfits in e-Lineup.

24 06 2011


Does anyone think that Riho will get the double eyelid surgery that most idols tend to get?

19 07 2011
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