S/mileage – “Uchoten LOVE” Radio Preview Released

22 06 2011

A radio preview for S/mileage’s 6th single titled Uchoten LOVE has been released.

We are still a few months away from release but we finally get to listen to the studio version of the song and for the most part I love it even more since it has a great catchy beat along with great effects and while the preview might be a bit too short it is long enough to give us an idea about what to expect.

There are many effects that we couldn’t hear in the concert rip, like the many Tsunku voices during some of the lines (many, many Tsunku voices) as well as some effects that were used for the members but I was surprised to hear that for most of the preview the vocals for the members weren’t filled with effects, I can only remember once when Kanon made a sound that had an echo near the middle of the preview, but for the most part that was it.

The instrumental is loud and clear but for the synthesizer doesn’t sound that strong during most of the song, for the most part it’s strong during the start and after someone stops singing but the vocals are perfectly understandable which is perfect since we can hear how each member (or only one member, it’s hard to tell) takes a turn saying a vocal of the word “Ma-i-ni-chi” after a few of the lines.

Hopefully everyone can check out the preview before it’s taken down since it’s a great song that sounds like an impressive and powerful release, and while there are too many Tsunku voices in the song, some with somewhat scary effects, I really enjoyed the song and I’m looking forward to hearing the full song and seeing the PV.

The release date is set for 8/6.

Video uploaded by: ichigoichie847




6 responses

22 06 2011

SO cute! I love S/mileage!! I am really excite to hear the whole song! Hopefully it sells super well <3
It'd be nice for them to get #3 or something! <3

22 06 2011

XD does anyone else think this could’ve been a Gyaruru song?
anyways, it’s cute!

23 06 2011

Totally! Haha or maybe lilpri, it sort of has a little princess tune to it lol
But I love it! <3

22 06 2011

whoaa!!!! nice song!!
s/mileage is back!!!
i really didnt like koing no booing boo, but i love this!!

22 06 2011
Dave Snow

The Chipmucks strike again! I’m sorry— I usually love the girls & music of H!P— and I liked the first three or four singles from S/mileage, and I am a Dawa fan….. but their last few singles are just too Chipmuck-sounding for me! And I’m normally so upbeat with the girls & music of H!P. I can’t help it. So just shoot me………

23 06 2011

LOVE IT <3 Hope this does really well!!

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