Official “Miyuki’s Wind Bell” Site Opened

22 06 2011

The site for the movie featuring Mano Erina titled Miyuki’s Wind Bell has been opened.

The site isn’t technically a full site since it’s just a separate set of pages on the director’s site but it is still a great thing to see since we can find out a bit more about the movie and what to expect once we get to see the movie.

Thankfully the site has an English section with translations of the content, and while most of the sections might not have much (like the Intro section which just says “A bell that rings true is one that brings you home”) there is a story section that gives us a summary of the movie:

Miyuki is a sophisticated Tokyo girl who has to take her two half-brothers and spend several days in the country with her grandmother. Upon arriving, away from any cell reception or the comforts of modernity, she struggles to understand her grandmother as she performs her daily prayer underneath a rusty wind chime.

Genki, a village boy, takes Miyuki to the forest to show her its natural wonders, and as she goes with him she orders her clingy half-brothers not to follow. In order to impress her further, Genki takes her even deeper to a hidden place where an unexploded World War II bomb is found, rusting away between the flowers. Miyuki dares him to remove its arming pin, but soon grows bored with this game. Upon returning to her grandmother, however, she learns of a painful connection between her grandmother’s wind chime and the unexploded piece of history.

Apart from that there isn’t much else since the photo and trailer section have a “Coming Soon” sign and with the black background and simple layout it doesn’t impress that much, although everytime you click a different section a new header uploads which shows off a few scenes of the movie, for example in the few clicks I made I saw a picture of Mano with a grandma, Mano looking up at the sky, 2 children who I think are the half-brothers of Genki, and one of the actors who I think is Genki.

It’s simple but worth a look so hopefully everyone can check it out, but for now I’m looking forward to seeing how the movie will turn out since we have already seen the trailer (when the movie was announced) and now we have an accurate summary of the story, but we should probably see it when it is released in a few weeks.

The release date for the movie is set for this June.

Official Miyuki’s Wind Bell Site




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