Mano Erina’s Profile Picture Updated For “My Days For You”

22 06 2011

Mano Erina’s profile picture has been updated for her 10th single titled My Days For You.

Mano’s profile pictures usually aren’t like the other members in H!P since instead of seeing a studio photo shoot we usually see an alternate shot of her from the photo shoot of the cover for her singles, which is an interesting thing to do since it sets her apart from the others and gives her profile pictures a more natural look compared to the solid colored backgrounds from the other members, and like her other profile pictures this picture doesn’t disappoint.

In the picture we get to see Mano playing with her hair while sitting on a bed, and if most of you remember the Single V cover then it should look pretty familiar since it’s the same setting from where she stood near the door looking out, and while it might be leaning a bit into the PB styled shots I really like the way it turned out since we get to see her in a cute pose while looking at the camera, and being a big Mano fan I am happy with that since she looks amazing.

This most likely isn’t the outfit for her new single (it isn’t) so I wouldn’t expect to see her wearing this outfit during her PV (at least in outdoor shots) but it’s a really great shot showing off her beauty and with her baby blue colored outfit it blends in perfectly with the rest of the room.

Hopefully fans reserved their copy of the single since it looks like this will be a great release for her since it has a catchy ballad sound, and while we haven’t seen the main PV with only one week until the single is released, fans will most likely be able to see it when they buy the Limited Edition A of the single, but for now Mano’s profile picture is as amazing as always.

The release date is set for 6/29.

Official H!P Profile Page For Mano Erina



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