Takahashi Ai Is The Image Girl For “Koe Bank”

21 06 2011

Takahashi Ai has been revealed to be the image girl for Koe Bank.

An app will be available for Android devices titled Takahashi Ai-droid.

I didn’t expect to see Ai-chan as the image girl for an app, much less for an app that reads text in Ai-chan’s voice (a “lip sync” app), but it seems like a very interesting release since fans can download the app to their Android devices and listen as Ai-chan reads their Twitter or sites (up to 140 characters).

From what I understand that is the basic concept of the app (text to speech, which makes sense since the name “Koe Bank” means “Voice Bank”) with the free version being able to read only 20 characters, but despite that it is an amazing release since it is among the first I have seen featuring an H!P member and it will most likely be downloaded by many fans who are interested in seeing how the app looks and sounds.

It seems that you input 140 characters and Ai-chan will read them, but it is limited to a few Android devices (Xperia and Galaxy Tab are mentioned, not sure on what others work) but fans who are able to download the app to their device will most likely find out how the app works since it seems pretty basic.

Hopefully everyone who is interested in downloading the app does so and while I’m not sure if the app is exclusive to Japan (it appears in the US Android Market so I don’t think so) I look forward to finding out how the app will look once a video demo is released.

The free version reads up to 20 characters and the paid 450 Yen version reads up to 140 characters.

Koe Bank Site

Japanese Android Site For App

Android Market Link For App




5 responses

22 06 2011
Takagaki Haruka

is it this Ai chan will reply all the fan message?

22 06 2011

It’s an app that reads any messages up to 140 characters in Ai-chan’s voice (from what I understand), it doesn’t send messages to Ai-chan since it’s just her voice ^_^

22 06 2011

Ai is adorable! I freaking love her! She is the perfect face for something like this! She’s really professional looking! <3

Oh! Btw, checked the Oricon charts! Only You got number 4!!!


I'm so excited!!

22 06 2011

Yeah she is really the perfect model for an app since she has a really cute face, and with her professional personality as the leader of Momusu and H!P she is the perfect idol for anything ^_^

I posted about it on the Twitter for the site, and I’m really happy to see that they got #4 since it keeps their top 5 record they have had for a while, but the sales are somewhat lower than usual :/
Hopefully in the next few weeks it sells a lot more ^o^

22 06 2011

Cool okay! I’ll check it out! Thank you! <3

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