Mano Erina and Kikkawa Yuu To Appear on “Sakigake Eight”

21 06 2011

Mano Erina and Kikkawa Yuu will both appear on the show Sakikage Eight.

This was confirmed by Kikukawa’s Twitter:

Since Mano has a new single coming out soon I am happy to see that she will have a few show appearances apart from her other radio and magazine appearances, and since she will be appearing with Kikka it seems like a must see for any Kikka or Mano fan.

I don’t know much about the show but it seems that it will feature a talk segment, and since the Tweet mentions her new single there is a chance we might see a performance, but we will find out for sure once the show airs.

Hopefully fans can check it out since a Kikka and Mano appearance is a must see.

The show will air on 6/29.

EDIT: More details about the show:

It will air on 6/29 (Wednesday) at 25:40 ~ 26:10 (1:40 ~ 2:10) and according to a tweet from Mano they will be having a basketball free throw contest (thanks to C’est la Vie for posting about it), so it seems like this show will be a lot of fun to see for fans since a sports contest between Kikka and Mano is something we haven’t seen so I look forward to seeing who will be the winner.

Sakigake Eight Site




4 responses

21 06 2011

where can we find the show?

21 06 2011

The recording of the show or the channel where it will air?
It will air on FujiTV at 1:40~2:10 on 6/29 (it’s a Wednesday) according to their site, and the video will probably be available shortly after on youtube ^_^

21 06 2011
C'est la Vie

They’re also having a basketball free throw contest against each other according to the FujiTV website and another tweet Mano retweeted.

21 06 2011

That will be very fun to see ^o^

I’ll add it to the post, thank you very much! ^_^

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