Ishikawa Rika and Nakazawa Yuko To Appear In A Movie Produced By Tsunku

21 06 2011

Ishikawa Rika will be starring in a movie titled Atsushi Hime Number 1 (Eng: Number 1 Kind Princess).

The movie will be produced by Tsunku, this being his first time producing a movie. Nakazawa Yuko will also appear in the movie as supporting actress.

Tsunku has done practically everything: he voiced an anime character, he’s part of a popular band Sharan Q, he’s the producer for most of H!P and writes most of their singles among many, many other things, but it seems like he can finally add another item to the list: a movie producer, and while it’s not clear whether it will be a DVD release or a theater release (most likely theater) I am looking forward to it.

The outfit that Rika was wearing at the announcement event was very interesting since she appeared wearing a cute traditional red kimono along with an interesting hairstyle which made me look forward to seeing the movie even more since it looks like her character will be pretty interesting to see.

Like his music we don’t really have any idea about what to expect, but we will probably see a very interesting movie since it has a more traditional Japanese theme (as we can tell from Rika’s outfit) and along with Rika’s appearance as the main actress and Yuko as supporting actress it should be a great movie to check out once it’s released.

The movie is expect to be released next Spring.

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2 responses

21 06 2011

Soooo Tsunku does basically whatever he wants to do. XD
I can’t even imagine what would be next though…

21 06 2011
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