Hello! Channel Vol.5 Announced

21 06 2011

Sayu blog picture

Hello! Channel Vol.5 has been announced.

The mook was confirmed by Amazon.jp and E-hon, and from the description on E-hon it seems we will get to see a roundtable where Ai-chan will talk with each member’s group leader (Captain, Maimi, and Wada) as well as a Hello! Pro sport playoff queen competition, a flower arrangement challenge, a dance tournament, as well as photos of members working at Lawson (if I remember correctly Sayu, Risako and Maimai) and Reina as a secretary to name a few.

The mook was already being planned for quite some time since a few weeks ago Reina posted a picture of her in a secretary outfit on her blog, and I’m glad to see that they are releasing them in a consistent way since that means we can expect to see even more interesting pairings while members do interesting jobs, like Sayu, Risako, and Mai’s day at Lawson or the sport competition that is mentioned.

There are only a few events mentioned but we should see quite a lot more once the mook is detailed or when it is released since usually the mooks contain a good amount of photos and events featuring many interesting combinations.

For now there is no cover but we should see one soon since the release date is next month, and like most Hello! Channel releases we should see a DVD being announced sometime soon, but hopefully fans who usually buy Hello! Channel mooks get this one as well.

The release date is set for 7/13.

Amazon.jp Site

E-hon Page




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