Buono! – “Natsu DAKARA!” HQ Covers Released

21 06 2011

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From left to right: Regular, Limited A, Limited B

HQ covers for Buono’s 12th single titled Natsu DAKARA! have been released on Amazon.jp.

As I mentioned before I loved how the covers for this single look since they have a bright and cheerful look that fits in perfectly with their outfits and while we haven’t heard the song yet I am really looking forward to this single since the covers are amazing.

The Regular cover not only features bubbles on the background but also in front covering the members and while it might look a bit weird at first glance I liked the theme they tried to use but it doesn’t look that good (at least the bubbles in front, the background bubbles look perfect) since the bubbles make it look like there were some problems with the printer.

It would look a lot better if the bubbles had a 3-D bubble shape instead of just the same rainbow colored circle copied all over the cover, or if they were just used in the background since they distract when someone looks at Momo, Airi, or Miya.

The Limited A looks as amazing as it did in the small cover since the bright outside scene and their outfits look perfect and with their great poses looking down at the camera it makes the cover even more impressive (my favorite by far).

The Limited B has the same bubble theme as the Regular cover but instead of randomly showing off slightly invisible rainbow colored circles they actually gave them a bit more opacity (which means they are less transparent) and since they are all holding bubble makers the theme actually makes sense, which is perfect since the cover looks a lot better and the smiles and poses, along with Airi’s wink, make the cover my 2nd favorite.

Another thing I noticed was that the title of the song is off center in all of the covers (it’s slightly to the top left) and even though I’m not sure whether it was on purpose I think it would have looked a lot better if the title was centered in the blue box.

Overall the covers are even better than I thought since they have bright themes that fit in perfectly with each other, and even though there were a few things that didn’t quite fit in (the title being off center, the bubbles in front of the Regular cover) I really love how the covers look since they have a unique and amazing theme for each version.

Hopefully everyone has their copies reserved since the covers look even better now that we have the HQ previews, and while we haven’t heard the preview of the song it will most likely be released in a few weeks so I am really looking forward to hearing it since the covers have already impressed me.

The release date is set for 7/20.




5 responses

22 06 2011

The covers look even more beautiful in HQ!Limited B is my favorite one :)

22 06 2011

Fancy image gallery: me like!

22 06 2011

I thought it would be a good way of showing off the covers since anyone can easily click it to check out the covers quickly, and if they want to see a cover in a bigger size they can just click the images underneath ^_^
Glad to see you like it ^o^

22 06 2011

Love the covers! airi’s skit looks less akward when it’s enlarged. this is kinda off topic but, don’t you think Buono! should updated their official website? It’s still saying “The Best Buono!” is their newest release…

22 06 2011

They should update it but I don’t know if their move to another label affected who owns their official site since it has information on all of the Pony Canyon releases only, so most likely UFA are using the main H!P site instead of making a separate site for them but I hope we see a UFA made site so that we could check it for updates and pictures ^_^

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