Otsuka Aina, Mogi Minami, and Ogawa Rena Added To Hello! Pro Eggs

20 06 2011

Apart from the three new Eggs mentioned yesterday, Morning Musume 9th generation finalists Otsuka Aina and Mogi Minami, along with another girl called Ogawa Rena have been named as performers for the next Egg event as well (which most likely means they are now part of H!P Eggs).

This was revealed in the official confirmation of their September event now titled Hello! Pro Egg 2011 Happyou Kai ~September no Nama Tamago Show!~.

I didn’t expect to hear from Otsuka Aina or Mogi once Kanon, Riho, and Erina were selected but it seems that Tsunku had other plans since they will be performing at the event, and while we haven’t seen any official photos of them as members of H!P Eggs this will most likely make many fans who supported them throughout the auditions very happy, and while we got to see them perform on the specials that aired for the auditions we will probably see them more improved by the time the event starts.

There are currently no photos of Ogawa Rena but here are a few from the 9th gen finals for those who don’t remember who Mogi and Aina are (Mogi is in the top picture and Otsuka is in the bottom):

So far the current total of Eggs is at 14 (if Mogi, Otsuka, and Ogawa are confirmed as members at the event) and with 6 new members in the past two days it seems that they are slowly recovering in the amount of members that they had, although for now I’m really happy that the H!P Eggs are finally gaining new members who will hopefully one day debut into groups or become solo artists.

Here is the list of the Eggs who will participate in the event on September:

  • Kaneko Rie
  • Takeuchi Akari
  • Miyamoto Karin
  • Katsuta Rina
  • Takagi Sayuki
  • Tanabe Nanami
  • Nagazawa Wakana
  • Kudou Haruka
  • Yoshihashi Kurumi
  • Hamaura Ayano
  • Taguchi Natsumi
  • Otsuka Aina
  • Mogi Minami
  • Ogawa Rena

Hopefully fans who are in Japan can attend the show since it will be very fun to see how the 6 new members perform in their first event.

The concerts will be on 9/11 at 15:30 and 18:30 at Yokohama BLITZ.

Official H!P Egg FC Concert Confirmation




29 responses

20 06 2011

UFA is wising up: no more losing any audition finalists to other idol groups.

I want a 9th gen finalist reunion!

20 06 2011


20 06 2011

I’m not too surprised that they were added as H!P eggs. If I remember someone said Kikka was an 8th gen finalist and she was added as an egg. I don’t know them too much but atleast the eggs are growing again.

Even though they’re not as popular as the other members (Berryz, C-ute etc.) I have to admit that Eggs are an equally important part of H!P as the other members.

20 06 2011

Welp, that just made a whole bunch of people happy I bet. People were wondering if 9th gen finalists were going to be accepted as Eggs.
Wow though, 6 new members in two days. I wouldn’t mind if even more were added. :D
I wonder why Rena wasn’t included in the other announcement? Maybe she’s from 9th gen auditions too. I was thinking the other 3 girls from yesterday were from S/mileage auditions, but maybe they tried out for 9th gen too?

20 06 2011

Wow, they’re really getting in the eggs!
I’m glad Otsuka and Mogi got in. Personally I was torn for who I wanted as 9th gen.

20 06 2011

OMG Now im REALLY happy! Ive wanted this since december!!!

20 06 2011

OMG THANK GOD Rena is here! I loved that girl in the auditions, it was a shame she didn’t get into Momusu. I’m slightly less enthusiastic for Mogi, but we’ll see where she can take herself.

20 06 2011

Ah. Don’t know why I wrote Rena. I meant Aina… XDDD

20 06 2011

Maybe this is a hint that new S/mileage members might be eggs..?

20 06 2011

Aina chan :) so glad that she apart of hello project but I hope mogi steps up a little bit more. Who rena?

20 06 2011

SOOO happy Mogi & Aina are now Eggs! :)

20 06 2011

I love Aina though! I think she is a great addition! I was sort of disappointed when Aina didn’t get into Momusu, so hopefully she gets to do a lot of stuff! Maybe they’ll add her to S/Mileage? Or something like that? I’d love to see Aina in action! :)

20 06 2011

WoW, I was really happy when I saw that Mogi and Otsuka have becomed a egg in H!P, I was one of the suppotrers to Mogi, and I really want to see her in H!P, and Otsuka have got a really beautiful voice, and I can`t wait to see Ogawa.

20 06 2011

The girl’s eleven (or maybe twelve by now). I wonder what you were you doing at that age?

Give her a chance, Eggs is a training program after all.

I for one welcome her into the H!P family.

20 06 2011

Dude, why is this about me?

I just don’t like her. Welcome her if you want, but I’m not a fan of her.

20 06 2011

Get out, troll! Can we get this comment deleted?

I really can’t wait to see Ogawa Rena myself. She sounds promising.

20 06 2011

I edited her comment, if anymore are posted in a similar way I will take proper action, but for now I am also looking forward to finding out how Ogawa Rena looks and how talented she is ^_^

20 06 2011

I’m gratified to see that this site takes a firm stance on haters.
Let’s try to maintain a congenial atmosphere folks!

Ogawa Rena is the real mystery girl right now. Japanese wota are apparently speculating that she’s from the 9th gen auditions, possible one of the girls we briefly saw on TV when all the various candidates (not the final 5) were shown. This is mostly based off of a similar name that popped up on-screen during Bijo Gaku (the previous H!P tv-show)

20 06 2011

Please try and reply without name calling, if you don’t like a member then try and don’t post about her.

Your previous comment went way too overboard so I deleted it, and if it’s absolutely necessary for you to post about how much you hate Mogi then please try and do so with less anger or not at all, ok? ^_^

20 06 2011

Are you talking to me? No, right? Because I didn’t say anything any more or less offensive than anyone else? I’m allowed to dislike an Egg, right?
She’s not my cup of tea. That’s really all I was saying. There was no anger, I just don’t think she is cut out to be an idol. In my opinion. There’s no need for everyone to assume I’m a hater. Everyone has members that they don’t like.
Also, a lot of people are saying similarly that they don’t like her.

20 06 2011

You are allowed to dislike any Egg, idol, singer, group, etc but try to use less harsh words next time, ok? ^_^

I allow anyone to comment about what they want (this isn’t at all a happy happy paradise where everything is perfect and we just post happy thoughts), but comments that really offend someone (fans, idols, etc) using harsh words will be removed. Right now you explained your point perfectly without using harsh words, which is perfect.

In a few of your words from the comment I removed you said this:
Fuuuck!!! I wass really hoping Mogi would just go away forever……. She’s horrible, I hope she either quits, gets fired, or stays an EGG Forever!

Can you see how this would make someone who supported Mogi angry? I didn’t support Mogi personally but if someone said that about someone I supported (like Kanon) week after week hoping they would join then I would feel the need to answer back in the same tone, which would eventually escalate and disrupt everyone else who is trying to comment about their views. I allow people to comment negatively but there is a limit, for example the Riho comment a few weeks ago someone made (I don’t remember who) which was just pure anger.

I really, really appreciate you commenting and I have noticed that you are among the most active fans who comment so I personally want to thank you very much, but next time please use less harsh words and explain why you don’t like her, using harsh words doesn’t help your point but explaining why in a respectful way makes your point more valid ^_^

Thank you and please let’s just forget this and continue to post ^o^

20 06 2011

Fair enough, I guess I didn’t think about it like that. Thanks
And you’re welcome too! <3

20 06 2011

On other sites this would have degraded into a massive flamewar, here it gets resolved peacefully. That’s why I keep coming to this site.

Hello!SayuNii rocks!

21 06 2011

Same here! I love this site because it’s all about H!P unlike Tokyohive where there’s a akb article every 5 seconds (so annoying) and because everyone’s so respectful and polite. There are rarely any problems!

20 06 2011

Also reply didn’t work…

20 06 2011

Yeah, for some reason some comments aren’t displaying right ^_^;;;
I’ll look into it ^o^

20 06 2011

OOOH! Happy Happy! Glad Aina got in :) She has a very cool atmosphere~! Ogawa Rena Seems mysterious now, I can’t wait til a pic is released!

I’m not happy about Mogi though…she annoyed me in the auditions with all her crying.
Hopefully she learned to suck up hardships and get through them better. Hello!Pro Eggs, make her better!

20 06 2011

I personally prefer Aina as Musume than Zukki..

21 06 2011


MOGI!!! <3333333
I WANTED HER IN MM SO BAD, so when she wasnt accepted I WAS HEARTBROKEN that I might not be able to see her again!

MOGIIII!! <333333333

But I wanted her to audition for MM 10th gen! T__T

I know shes a egg.. but for the past egg generations, Tsunku doesnt really treasure his egg members..

Hirano Tomomi was 27 and still an egg…. LIKE DAMN!!!

There are many great eggs now, so I HOPE Tsunku doesnt just let them sing background for 10 years and then just throw them away….

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