Buono! – “Natsu DAKARA!” Covers Released

20 06 2011

Top left: Limited A, Bottom Left: Limited B, Right: Regular

The covers for Buono’s 12th single titled Natsu DAKARA! have been released.

For the most part I love how the covers turned out since we get to see the members clearly with cute and simple backgrounds, and while they might be somewhat similar due to the positions of the members the covers turned out to be pretty impressive.

First thing you probably noticed is that their logo has changed, and while I didn’t get it for a while I was surprised to see that it has a mirror like layout where the “uo” and “no” as well as the “B” (half of the “B”) mirror, and while it might be a bit too hard to understand at first I was very impressed with the creativity used and how cool it looks.

As we saw in the promo shot that was released a few days ago each member is wearing at least one piece of clothing made out of jeans (Momo is wearing jeans with a jean shirt), and I’m happy to see that they managed to match the outfits with the background since it makes the covers look even better, and with the blue boxes they used for the title it fits in even more.

The regular cover features all three members with Airi in the middle posing for the camera in front of a blue painted background, and while it is fairly simple because of the poses and background it looks better than other regular covers since the background makes the members stand out, apart from matching their blue jean outfits.

The limited A is among my favorites since we get to see the members smiling at the camera from above while outside, and with the sunny blue sky it makes the cover fairly unique since we usually see studio pictures. Along with that I love the way that each member is posing since their smiles make the covers even brighter.

The limited B cover is somewhat different compared to the others since it features a white background but it has a few light effects that make it stand out from the rest, but apart from the cute member poses from the side it seems that the cover is a bit too dark (it might be due to the small cover), but despite that I really like how it came out as well.

The Single V cover was also released:

It’s basically a different shot from the Limited A but instead of a shot from the ground we get to see the members in a close-up shot with the sun on the left, and like most Single V covers this is definitely my favorite from the four since it looks amazing, because of the poses and expressions as well as the lighting and the background.

Overall the covers are all unique and very impressive since they feature a new cool logo and a blue theme that makes the cover stand out, and along with a new style of outfits I am really looking forward to seeing bigger covers once they are released since these are amazing.

Hopefully Buono fans have their singles already reserved since the covers are some of the best I have seen from them.

The release date is set for 7/20.

Official H!P Page For Buono’s 12th Single

Official H!P Page For Buono’s 12th Single V




17 responses

20 06 2011

I like the Regular Edition best.

20 06 2011

airi’s skirt makes her body looks really akward….
and they put her on the front center of the regular cover… Ugh… A big no no…
Single V is my favourite by default, (it doesn’t show the ugly skirt ) and miya is so pretty there…..

20 06 2011

Small correction, you mentionned “Limited B” and “Limited C” editions instead of “Limited A” and “Limited B” in the description for each cover…

Other than that, I have to say that those are some rocing covers! They bring out Buono!’s funky themes and the coloring is just perfect!
Single V is the best out of them all but it’s nice to see that the RE is actually pretty decent!

Another Airi center it seems but they just all look like they will rock the PV!

20 06 2011

Thank you I just fixed it! ^o^;;

I really loved the colors since they are bright and cheerful and I agree that the RE turned out better than what most RE covers look like ^_^

20 06 2011

yay! finally the covers! I really like it, bright and very summery.

20 06 2011

I love those covers!Very summer-themed :D But anorher Airi center?:( This is bad because Airi will receive even more hate now (she already received hate from C-utes line distribution,and now she’ll receive even more for being the center in Buono!),and I like Buono! especially because they are the most fair unit in H!P.It looks like I have to wait for another single to see Miya or Momo in the center…
Regardless those covers look amazing,I can’t wait to hear a preview for this song :)

20 06 2011

*another I mean sorry

20 06 2011

Forgot to mention that the new logo looks great,even though I prefer the previous one,this one is really cool and I love it :D

20 06 2011

Love these covers, but I never really like the outfits they give momo-chin though, she deserves better. As for airi, I don’t really care much for her or her singing voice, but that skirt looks REALLY weird. Anyway, I like the new logo, but it makes reading the actual name confusing.

20 06 2011

is it just me, or do they REALLY like to keep the same positions for each cover with Buono!? with momo on the left, airi in the center, and miyabi on the right. They did this in Bravo Bravo, Our Songs, and take it easy. But then again, there are only so many arrangements you can do with three people.

20 06 2011

I sorta miss the old logo, but the new one is cute and fresh.

That and I love Miya more.

20 06 2011

So cute!! I love all these covers!! So pretty! <3

20 06 2011

Maybe they are restarting the center rotation thing? New label, new logo, new start. If that’s right then the next single will be airi, followed by the next three singles being momo or miya. Just a guess ^^

20 06 2011

Yupp, I’m pretty sure momo will take centre position after airi in 14th or 15th, single then followed by miya for the next 3 or 4 singles, or after they minialbum released, since they usually rotate the position after an album release. They just re-start it, dont hate and blame on AIRI, the three of them will get their chance soon, just wait ;)

21 06 2011

This is the reality why Airi’s been in the center again, she is one of the “top-seller” in all H!P artists next is Momoko then Miyabi or vice versa.

21 06 2011

awww… Airi is center again! T_____T

Will Miyabi get another turn??? T____T

21 06 2011

She probably will ^_^
But we will have to wait and see once the 14th single is released if they are changing the lineup every few singles.

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