3 New Eggs Have Joined Hello! Pro Eggs

19 06 2011

Three new Eggs were reported to have joined Hello! Pro Eggs at today’s Shiodome AX event.

From left to right: Yoshihashi Kurumi, Taguchi Natsumi, Hamaura Ayano (some sites have her name as Hamaura Ayumi)

I am very surprised that after the large amount of graduations a few months ago there were some new additions today since I expected the few remaining members to stay unchanged for a while, but despite that I am very happy that there are additions since that means that the group will be more balanced out a bit during performances.

As for the new Eggs they are relatively young: Kurumin (Yoshihashi Kurumi) is in 6th grade while the two youngest members Tagucchi (Taguchi Natsumi) and Hamachan (Hamaura Ayano) are in 5th, which is pretty normal for H!P Eggs since members are usually around that age group.

From the photos on the poster above Kurumin seems to be a bit more relaxed (or nervous, it’s hard to tell) which is a good thing to see since that might help her when she performs. Tagucchi and Hamachan both look pretty excited in their photos so it will be fun to see if their performances are also full of energy, but from what I can tell all three of them look like perfect additions since they seem to have the H!P look already (at first I thought Kurumin was Kanon or Wada with long hair).

We haven’t seen many photos of them since the only ones we have are from the poster which was displayed at the event, but I am looking forward to seeing how talented they are since they seem to be like great additions to the group, and while their next will be in September we might get to see them in next month’s FC Egg events.

For now I’m glad to see that Eggs are still joining and I am excited to find out how great they sing and/or dance.

The FC events will be in July and the concerts will be on 9/11 at 15:30 and 18:30 at Yokohama BLITZ.




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19 06 2011
Shandi -Chii

O_O the first one looks like wada

20 06 2011

Thats what I thought too…. I just couldn’t pin point who excatley she looked like =D

19 06 2011

They are so cute! ♥
I’m happy to see that they added new members since they always need young and fresh eggs who will later on evolve!

19 06 2011

it’s so refreshing to see new members! and with them being eggs they could join one of the existing groups after a while! :D

19 06 2011

i feel there will be a new group from current egg line up

19 06 2011

aww! soo cute!!
i wonder where tsunku found them? S/mileage or Morning Musume auditions maybe?

19 06 2011

I’m thinking that as well. I was really hoping the leftovers from the 9th gen morning musume auditions would become eggs, but these girls might be from the smileage and 10th gen auditions.

19 06 2011

OMG Kurumi!!! <3 I think I got a new fave egg!

They're all so cute though! <3

19 06 2011

They’re so cute!<3 Kurumin is around my age xD I hope that two of them are for the 10th gen and one of them is for S/mileage.That would be pretty cool :)

19 06 2011

Kurumin looks like Kanon and Dawa’s baby!! XD Kanon’s lips and maybe eyes and everything else looks like Dawa. Haha.
They’re so cute! They look like stars already.
So I wonder if these girls tried out for S/mileage? :/ Too soon for the 10th gen auditions still, I think. Good to know that Eggs are being added though! Yay!

19 06 2011

Kurumi reminds me a lot of the girl whose image was in the first released during the first day auditions… makes me seriously guess these three were scouted during the auditions; Kurumi trying to get into S/mileage despite her grade level, while the other two perhaps doing that or just walking by.

Also, doubt they’ll be added to either MM or S/mileage. MM because they wouldn’t be added to Hello Pro Egg if they were being considered, and S/mileage because none are old enough. The most they’ll have anything to do with these groups will be put in reserve, to wait until they mature or something.

19 06 2011

Omg I seriously though Kurumi was Kanon.

And not that I look closer, I do think you’re right about the DAWA resemblance.

19 06 2011

Very cute! kurumi is very adorable and reminds me of the members from S/mileage. I would have loved to be an egg if I lived in japan, but sadly I’m american, and probably won’t visit Japan untill two years have passed. (Mom says take two years of japanese and she’ll take me) course, I still won’t ever be able to be an egg, plus by that time I’ll be 16. Life is so cruel! I want to be able to meet Manoeri-chan and momo-chin, my favorite H!P members, and cheer on some of the people hoping to join H!P.

19 06 2011

I thought there will be mogi minami and otsuka aina (the big five of momusu 9ki who didn’t get in) but yeah i like them. they give me good vibes and they’re cute too ^_^

19 06 2011

Ayano is CUUUTE! It’s really cool to see new Eggs c:

19 06 2011

Habaraki, I FEEL YOUR PAIN. But instead of being American, I am Canadian.
It sucks, I’m 17 right now and my birthday’s coming up so I’ll be too old for Morning Musume :( and I was GOING to see Ai-chan’s graduation concert but because of that earthquake happening with the nuclear stuff, my parents don’t want me going until I’m decent at Japanese AND at least 5 years from now for the food to go back to normal >< life's not fair.

on another note: like some others here, as soon as a saw the picture of Kurumin, I thought it was a replica of Kanon/Kago! LOL

19 06 2011

lmaoo i’m on the same boat as you, Lea!
My 18th birthday’s in September and I’ll also be too old for Morning Musume :(
And I also live in Canada!
I want to go to Japan sooo bad!!! I know alot of the language, but I won’t be able to travel on my own or with a companion for about another year. My parents don’t think I’m ready :(
But when i am, I’m traveling to Korea and Japan!! It’ll be an adventure of a lifetime!

What part of Canada do you live in, Lea?

19 06 2011

Same with me… I also live in Canada, but I’m 14. :D I’d be old enough for Morning Musume, but I’m still far from learning Japanese (I need to practice and stop slacking! lol) and even if I get good at it, my parents won’t let me go because of all the stuff going on there. That and they’re not into the whole “Japanese thing” as they call it, and think my intrest is weird, so they wouldn’t want to go and take me anyways. :(

19 06 2011

I understand with everything going on there, I’m a little nervous from that point of view, but I just really wanna go ><

19 06 2011

I agree. :D I’m sure in 5 years or so they’ll be back to normal without all the radiation and such. At least I hope so. That’s the only way I’ll ever be able to go. :\

19 06 2011

I live in Alberta :)
My mom doesn’t think I’m ready either ha she’s so over-protective! My dad wants me to go though, he thinks it’ll be a good cultural experience :D
I’m planning on going with 2 friends, but they don’t like Morning Musume or any other H!P artists, so I have to go to their concert alone! gah major kowai!!

19 06 2011

Aw, really? Neither of my parents care lol. Most of my friends except one dont like H!P except for some Buono since they love the Shugo Chara anime. But other than that… Lol It’d be amazing to go anyways. :D

And I live in Ontario. :D Just thought I’d throw that in.

19 06 2011

Ontario here too! I want to go to Japan too but I’m so broke, and it’s expensive there D= I have a few friends that like H!P but the ones who live close aren’t nearly as into it as me xD
I have an older sister and brother who both like anime, so my parents are used to it =P

20 06 2011

Me too, I’m saving for a 3DS though, lmao. But with Japan as it is now, plan tickets are pretty cheap.
You’re lucky… my brothers make fun of it mostly, like the music and how the Japanese language is… and the animes too, but I’ve showed them a few episodes of Hetalia and they thought it was pretty funny… But they think my drawings are cool. lol They’ve been telling me to get a deviant art account for forever and I finally did. :D

And that would be cool to have older siblings… I’m a triplet, which
gets old very fast. lol

19 06 2011
Janis Rancourt

Kurumin TOTALLY looks like Kanyon~!! XD

I’m pretty sure they were actually holding egg auditions. And they’re not even old enough to have been in the S/mileage auditions, anyway. And I doubt they were from the MM auditions, because when they did that with Kikka, it was after the finals. They haven’t even finished contacting all those who passed the screening yet! I’m sure they were actually from the egg auditions.

19 06 2011

aww!! they are so cute!!!

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