Suzuki Airi – “Kibun Tenkan” DVD Cover Released

17 06 2011

The DVD cover for Suzuki Airi’s 4th solo DVD titled Kibun Tenkan (Change of Mood/Pace) has been released.

First of all, I have to say that I was blown away by the picture used in the cover since it does seem to fit the title of the DVD, where we get to see Airi posing in a very charming way on the sand with her eyes closed and a hand held up to her head which is slightly turned towards the beach and the title.

Even though the cover doesn’t have a dramatical change in it’s aspect like the title suggested, it still is a very nice improvement since the pose shows how Airi has grown since her last solo release and the overall calm setting matches the PBs perfectly since they both also have a calm and serene theme.

The title of the PB is kind of cheesy since it’s written in a very flat font in pink, but it still looks good overall since it fills the space and has a reflect of Airi’s bikini (both having a shade of pink), and her name is written on the bottom left corner in pink too.

Overall, I really am impressed with how this cover turned out to be since it’s a very nice way to bring out the title and showing off Airi, with an amazing setting to complete the look.

Hopefully everyone can purchase a copy to support Airi in her solo releases, and hopefully more details about her 5th solo DVD will be out soon.

The release date is set for 7/10.

H!P official page about product




4 responses

17 06 2011

Slay me now Airi.♥♥♥

17 06 2011

This cover is awesome <3

18 06 2011

The cover image is fantastic but I agree that the title looks a bit cheesy. Oh well, that won’t stop me from buying it.

21 06 2011

chou sekushii :x especially her pose… o.o
Airi with that background looked so awesome !
It’s Indonesia (Bali)~ <3

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