Shuukan Yoro! Vol 96

17 06 2011

Update: This week’s Shuukan Yoro post is a bit longer than usual so I decided to put it after the break, that way it won’t take up that much space on the front page and those who are interested in reading it can simply click to read the entire post.

I will probably do the Shuukan Yoro posts this way from now since it is a bit easier to keep everything in order. I will provide a short summary of what the post contains and those who want more details can read the entire post by clicking the link below.

Here’s a summary of what this week’s Shuukan Yoro post contains:

  • Site News: 8,000 comment mark and new Upcoming Releases layout
  • Polls: Takahashi Ai wins with 56%, Tsugunaga Momoko with 23%, and Sayashi Riho with 21%
  • Shuukan Yoro: Hagiwara Mai’s 2nd episode featuring a “Battle Events” theme

Check out the full post after the break!

Site News: As I mentioned last week the 1,750,000 mark is really close since there are only about 3,000 hits or so left until we get to that mark so we will probably reach that mark by tomorrow, so a big thank you to everyone! Along with that I wanted to mention that we have just passed the 8,000 comment mark so a big thank you to everyone who comments on the posts.

I’m not planning anything special for tomorrow since I am saving up the surprises for the 2 million mark, but I do have a small thank you for this mark: I will have a new layout for the Upcoming Releases section up by tomorrow.

I have been working on a new layout since the one we have now seems a bit rough, mainly due to the high amount of white images I used to give the section it’s current layout, but I have been experimenting with HTML tables to give the section a similar layout without using too many images and I think I found a perfect replacement:

Click for bigger image

As you can tell the font theme is heavily based on 8-bit, which seems like a nice and clean way to show off the dates for the releases, and along with that I added a simple fading black line to separate the releases instead of giant blocky lines, which in my opinion add a more minimalistic and simple look to the section.

Also you might notice the new buttons I’m going to use for CDJapan, HMV, and YesAsia which look a lot better than the current ones I’m using since they have two important features: the color theme of the sites (CDJapan has blue, HMV has purple, and YesAsia has green) which will make them more easy to find, as well as another addition, a glossy look that makes it look a bit more sophisticated.

In the current layout I didn’t include the button for the site if the link didn’t appear, which might have confused some fans since you never knew if the image didn’t load or why the link didn’t appear, that’s why I added a greyed out button for the new layout when there are no links for that particular site.

The buttons were made by me (they were made specifically for this site) and I decided to use that look after I got used to Photoshop and noticed that the current buttons are too simple, and for the most part I think they came out great since they are easy to see and distinguish, and the glossy effect they have really make them stand out, so hopefully everyone likes how they look.

I should have the new layout up by tomorrow since I have to fix a few things, mainly the CDJapan button which I just corrected since the one I used for this sample wasn’t properly cropped along with the numbers and months which were all in different sizes (which doesn’t look good since everything is either too wide or too high compared to other words), and since I just made the new images a few minutes ago it’s just a matter of uploading them and correcting the layout so everything should be up for sure tomorrow.

I plan on updating the other sections with new themes as well, and while I’m not sure if I will use this theme in all of the site (probably not since the layout has to fit the section) I am going to renovate everything and make sure to have everything ready for the 2 million mark, so please look forward to that, but for now hopefully everyone likes how the section will look.

Again, thank you everyone for visiting the site regularly and while I’m not 100% sure I will do everything I have planned for the 2 million mark I am going to try my best to surprise everyone with a lot of new additions and changes (if I manage to do everything I am planning the site will take a really, really big step forward), so please look forward to that.

Polls: The winner for this poll was Takahashi Ai with 588 votes (56%), congratulations Ai-chan! Tsugunaga Momoko came in second with 243 votes (23%), and Sayashi Riho came in third with 218 votes (21%).

There was a total of 1,049 votes for this poll.

Congratulations Ai-chan!

No surprises here since it was almost guaranteed that Ai-chan would win, but despite that Momo and Riho did pretty well since they each got a similar amount of votes and compared to previous polls I am glad to see that Riho has already managed to keep up with the usual winners since that shows how fast she has managed to get a solid fanbase.

Ai-chan managed to get a bit more than half of the votes which might be her highest percentage so far, although I’m happy to see that Ai-chan has such a large fanbase since she is very talented and definitely deserves to win, but I hope we can see Momo and Riho win in their next polls (they probably will).

For now Ai-chan is a very strong competitor since she manages to win by almost half of the votes, but since she still has one more poll to go before becoming an OG I am planning on putting her on a poll against Niigaki and Airi, the only members to have placed higher than her in the 2010 results (in other words: an epic last match), and I’m very excited since the last time Ai-chan went up against Gaki was back in December where Gaki won by 10 votes (Airi appeared on a poll with Ai-chan back in April, but Ai-chan won by about 80 votes) so it should be a very exciting poll to watch since they are the three most popular members according to this site.

I will let everyone know when the poll will be once I sort out the next poll match ups, but for now there are about 3 weeks before I have to draw again so until then please look forward to it.

Next poll will feature Ikuta Erina, Kumai Yurina, and Wada Ayaka and I’m also looking forward to watching the results since Erina has begun to gather a large fanbase thanks to her getting more used to being in front of cameras which should help her. Along with that Kumai is another great addition to the poll since she seems to be around Ikuta’s level, although I am more interested in finding out how Wada will do since she has had quite a lot of problems with her results (she placed last in the 2010 results and she hasn’t placed in 2nd in quite some time), but we will find out once the results are revealed next week so I hope everyone votes so we can find out what will happen.

Just a reminder for those who don’t vote: If you do have a chance please vote since it only takes two clicks and you help your favorite member appear as member of the week!

To make it easier for fans I will provide the direct link to the poll HERE.

Please vote!

Shuukan Yoro: It’s the 2nd day of Hagiwara Mai’s week about “Yorosen”.

Today we will look at more scenes from the past half year of Yorosen episodes and the theme this week is battle events where we get to see members go head to head against each other, and this episode we get to see scenes from Koha against a stuffed bear and Lin Lin, Chisa against Yajima, and Maasa against Captain (which we saw two weeks ago).

For the most part if you remember the episodes well then you will probably like the highlights from this episode since we get to relive the great moments from past episodes, and while this episode is a bit more relaxed compared to others I really enjoyed it.

Here is the episode so hopefully everyone can check it out:




9 responses

17 06 2011

This site rocks, you do amazing work!

Best H!P newssite on the interwebs. Fair and neutral reporting without any (noticable) bias or prejudice.

Rock on people!

18 06 2011

Thank you very much! ^o^

We try our best to be as fair and neutral as possible (although the name of the site might say otherwise) ^_^

Thank you for the support! ^o^

17 06 2011

I can’t wait for that poll with Gaki, Ai and Airi. >.< Ai X Gaki is of course on it's own XD I can't wait to see a sort of "rematch" with Gaki and Ai, they're my two most favorite member ever and I think that'll be hard.

Also I love the pic you chose for Ai, with her blonde hair and yellow outfit she's shining.

18 06 2011

I love this site!Yeah,like TommyVD said,your posts are fair and not biased.:)
Keep on doing what you do!<3

19 06 2011

I will and thank you very much for your support! ^o^

18 06 2011

Been checking this site daily since I think 2009-ish. It’s brilliant Ado! Keep it up!

19 06 2011

Thank you very much for checking this site regularly for so long! ^o^
The site started back in January of 2009 so I’m glad to see fans have continued to visit the site since then ^_^

18 06 2011

Love this site, Ado! Great work!
I can’t wait until we hear more things about Morning Musume’s 10th generation auditions! So excited!

19 06 2011

Thank you! ^o^

As soon as any info is released about the auditions I will update ^_^

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