Buono! – “Natsu DAKARA!” Tracklist Released

17 06 2011

Regular Edition (CD)

01. Natsu DAKARA!

02. Ice Mermaid

03. Natsu DAKARA! (Instrumental)


Limited Edition A (CD+DVD)


Same tracklist


Natsu Dakara! (3Shot Lip ver.Sofa)


Limited Edition B (CD+DVD)


Same tracklist


Natsu dakara! (3Shot Lip ver.white)

The tracklist for the 3 editions of Buono!’s 12th single titled Natsu DAKARA! has been released.

First of all, I’m really surprised to see that the tracklist to all editions have been released since we usually only get the regular edition’s tracklist first followed by the Limited Edition’s, and it’s nonetheless a very pleaant surprise since with the absence of covers, we can set the single in a general theme.

The c/w song for this single seems to have yet another interesting title, just like the title of JUICY H@EART or Runaway Train which just makes me want to hear the song right away, and it’s a total contrast with the main song’s title since Natsu (Summer) and Ice Mermaid clash a bit, although mermaids usually live in the sea and the mention of the sea makes us think of summer…

Apart the very mysterious and appealing title of the c/w song, we can start speculating about what the PV will be like, and from the 2 different shots in each Limited Edition, we can say that it will have various scenes, one on a sofa most probably and the second one being a bit too vague to guess, but I just hope that even with this addition, there will be a dance shot to compensate the lack of dance Zassou no Uta had.

Overall, It’s the first time I ever get excited for a single by the tracklist alone so hopefully anyone who hadn’t made their mind yet can pre-order a copy!

The release date is set for 7/20.

Neowing page about Regular Edition

Neowing page about Limited A Edition

Neowing page about Limited B Edition




9 responses

17 06 2011

Ice Mermaid? They really chose a title that speaks to the imagination.

17 06 2011

There are so many ideas running thru my head about the song… Sounds interesting tho

17 06 2011

I really hope there’s a dance shot omg.

17 06 2011

No dance shot?:( I hope there’ll be one!
Ice Mermaid seems interesting xD I don’t know why,but I’m very excited about the sofa version!XD

17 06 2011

The whole sofa shot makes me think this is gonna be similar to modern mid-tempo alternative rock styles.

17 06 2011

Have to exist a Dance SHot Ver.!! it’s obviously!! XD they can’t let us without a Danshot Ver., I think that Zassou no Uta’s Dance Shot Ver. Would be fabulous if would exist :( ♥

21 06 2011

pardon me..
but I don’t know the different between LE A vers sofa and LE B vers white ? tell us please :)

21 06 2011

We’re not sure what the difference is since we haven’t seen the PV yet ^_^;;;;
But most likely the sofa version features them singing from a sofa and the white version features them wearing something white, although once the PV airs we should see the shots they used and what to expect ^_^

21 06 2011

I can’t wait!
Yeah, I agree, I’m hoping there is a dance video in this single as well.
Go Momo-chi, Miya-chan and Airi-chan!

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