HANGRY&ANGRY To Appear At Mainichi’s Japan Festa 2011

16 06 2011

HANGRY&ANGRY have been announced to be the guests at this year’s Japan Festa 2011.

The announcement was done after a vote by fans on the official Japan Festa 2011 Facebook page.

After we found out a few days ago about Yaguchi, HANGRY&ANGRY, and Mano possibly attending the event I was very excited since they haven’t had a chance to appear at the event, and while Yaguchi or Mano weren’t selected I am happy to see that HANGRY&ANGRY were since that means that they will be busy for the next few months and fans in Thailand will be able to enjoy their songs.

As for the announcement video, it starts with some short clips from previous Japan Festa events, such as 2009 when Fujimoto was the guest or 2010 when Yossie appeared but after that HANGRY&ANGRY appear and give a short video message to fans, so hopefully everyone can check out the video.

Since HANGRY&ANGRY haven’t appeared at the event (from what I remember) it should be a great opportunity for HANGRY&ANGRY, Yossie, and Rika fans to attend the event and check out their mini live, but so far HANGRY&ANGRY have quite a busy schedule:

  • Japan Expo 2011 in Paris in late June and early July
  • Indonesia’s CLAS:H Cosplay event for late July (confirmed via a Myspace blog post as well as their official site done back in May)
  • Thailand’s Japan Festa 2011 in August

So hopefully fans in those three areas can go check out HANGRY&ANGRY, but for now I hope fans in Thailand are ready for HANGRY&ANGRY since it seems like it will be a great event for everyone.

Japan Festa 2011 will be on 8/27 ~ 28.

Video uploadeed by: mainichiacademic




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16 06 2011

H&A are everywhere. I really hope they release something new!

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