C-ute – “Momoiro Sparkling” Event V Cover And Tracklist Released

16 06 2011

1. Momoiro Sparkling (Yajima Maimi Close-up Ver.)

2. Momoiro Sparkling (Nakajima Saki Close-up Ver.)

3. Momoiro Sparkling (Suzuki Airi Close-up Ver.)

4. Momoiro Sparkling (Okai Chisato Close-up Ver.)

5. Momoiro Sparkling (Hagiwara Mai Close-up Ver.)

The Event V tracklist and cover for C-ute’s 16th single titled Momoiro Sparkling have been released.

Like all Event Vs, we get to see a special unified shot for each member and it turns out to be the Close-up versions for this release which I find quite appropriated since the close-ups in this PV had many different settings and scenes from the pink background, the clouds background to the close-up in front of the dance setting which should please fans.

Even though there is nothing changed, the tracklist still looks nice and the cover has a similar theme to one of the Limited Edition covers being a patch of different pictures (2 for each member even though Chisa’s and Mai’s are both smaller) assembled in a nice way against different colored backgrounds and patterns where the girls are doing various actions and cute poses.

Overall, like most Event Vs, it’s a really nice addition for all fans who provide themselves with a copy.

Hopefully everyone can order their copy soon and enjoy this amazing release from C-ute!

The release date for the Event V is set for 7/3.

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