“Arakawa Under The Bridge” Trailer Released

16 06 2011

A trailer featuring Abe Natsumi as the character for P-ko in the live action movie for Arakawa Under The Bridge has been released.

As we found out back in late April, Abe will appear in a drama and movie adaptation of the anime series Arakawa Under The Bridge, and I’m glad to see that we finally get a trailer since we can find out how the drama and/or movie will look, and for the most part it looks very interesting.

The trailer features various scenes so it’s hard to mention them, but Abe appeared three times throughout the movie, alongside other characters with very interesting outfits, such as a Kappa and a man with a star head, which fits in with the anime and gives it a great comedy theme.

We don’t get to see the basic story for the anime since the preview focuses more on showing off all of the characters but fans should already know the basic idea of what will happen, although the rest of us will find out when the drama starts airing next month.

For now I hope everyone can check out the trailer since it is fairly unique and it features quite a lot of fun scenes that many will like, but I look forward to seeing how the drama will look like once it starts airing.

The movie will be released in February 2012 and the drama will start on 7/26 at 0:55 (JST).

Video uploaded by: cinematoday




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