New Promo Shot For Buono’s 12th Single

15 06 2011

A new promo shot featuring Buono in new outfits for their 12th single Natsu DAKARA! has been released.

It hasn’t been specified whether or not the outfits are for their 12th single or if they are for their new album, but the outfits are the same from their comment video that was posted some weeks ago on their Youtube channel so they most likely are, although I hope we get a confirmation when the covers are released.

Despite that the outfits are a change from previous singles since they have a more casual look which fits perfectly with their style (from what I can tell) since the jean jackets with many patches fit their rock style while the skirts fit their cute side, and along with that I am very glad to see that they each have their own individual look since each member stands out in their own way.

Momo has a dark short sleeved jean jacket along with a lot of patches while Airi has a lighter colored jean jacket with about 5 patches and many pearl necklaces and Miyabi has a slightly dark jean jacket with a few patches and a black hat, and even though the picture doesn’t show off the complete outfit I love how great everyone looks since it brings to mind the 80’s rock style.

For now I am impressed with how great the outfits look since they have a more casual look which manages to keep their rock style while showing off their cute side, and while we haven’t seen a confirmation that these are for sure the outfits for their single I look forward to finding out soon once the H!P profiles are updated.

The release date is set for 7/20.

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6 responses

15 06 2011

I like them :) Since the song is about summer I expected some colorful outfits but I’m okay with those outfits,they look great!

15 06 2011

Cute <3 I like them. Now just crossing my fingers about the song….

15 06 2011

Miya’s got a minihat! I love it!

16 06 2011

Yes, I demand more MINIHATS! :D

15 06 2011

* punches whole in the wall*
I thought it was a cycle… like it would go miyabi>momo>airi THEN REPEAT!
No offence, The formation looks odd too… Like since Miya’s hair color is light brown if would make the group look better visual wise for her to be center!

15 06 2011

Don’t be angry,it’s only a picture!~ We don’t know if Airi is the center again.I would also like to see someone else in the center this time(Momoko for example,in my opinion it looks better f the smallest one is the center),we just have to wait and see :).

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