Ichii Sayaka Has Divorced Her Husband

14 06 2011

According to Tokyograph, Ichii Sayaka has recently divorced her husband Yoshizawa Naoki in May.

Here is a quote of the translation:

According to the latest issue of “Josei Jishin“, Sayaka was dissatisfied with her husband’s uncooperative attitude in raising their two daughters. She was also said to be frustrated with Yoshizawa when he quit being a guitarist and settled into a period where he had no work.

Ichii’s agency admitted that it is true that the couple divorced, but they did not disclose the reason why.

It has been a while since we last heard about Ichii’s family so it was quite a surprise to read about this divorce since everything seemed to be fine due to them already having two daughters and even being part of a band a few years ago, but Ichii is quite dedicated to her children (as most of us already know) so it seems that she did what she thought was best.

The articles mention quite a lot of reasons for the divorce, but it seems that her now ex-husband didn’t want to help out the family that much, although the main reason isn’t stated so we will probably not know why she decided to have a divorce.

Despite this I wish Ichii the best of luck and hopefully everything turns out fine for her and her two daughters.

Sanspo Article

Yomiuri Article

Tokyography Article



2 responses

14 06 2011

First Lehua and her husband, then PeiPei and her partner and now Sayaka. It’s sad to read, but I hope that they and their daughters will not get too affected from it.

14 06 2011

Ganbatte Kaa-san!!!

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