S/mileage – “Uchouten LOVE” Concert Preview Released

12 06 2011

A concert rip of S/mileage’s 6th single titled Uchouten LOVE has been released.

As the staff  tweet that was released a while ago mentioned, the song has a strong eurobeat sound and while it is somewhat difficult to hear in the rip due to the quality I am amazed at how the song sounds so far since it has a catchy instrumental with upbeat lines which many fans will love.

Most of the instrumental seems to have synthesizer with a catchy and upbeat eurobeat style, and I’m impressed with how the lines follow the song since they seem to match perfectly since they are also upbeat, and since everyone has lines it is a great song for fans of the group since everyone gets a chance to show off their vocals.

Since this is a concert rip I will reserve my full judgement until a radio rip is released, but so far I love how the song sounds since it has a strong upbeat theme.

We will probably get the radio rip sometime soon (in a few weeks or a month) so we can finally listen to the song as a studio recording instead of just a concert rip, but meanwhile I hope everyone can listen to this preview since it sounds amazing.

Hopefully all S/mileage fans already have their copy of the single reserved since this sounds like it will be an impressive release.

The release date is set for 8/3.

Video uploaded by: Micchipyon




4 responses

12 06 2011

Wow! I really like it. I can’t imagine the PV. It’s so hyper!!
Love-Love-Love-Love-Love Me Do… XD
The wota are pretty amazing–first time ever hearing the song, then starting fan chants at the right times.

12 06 2011

Wow, it’s really cute <3
Not quite as catchy as some other singles, but for some reason I still really like it. A welcome change from the last couple of releases :)

12 06 2011

I love it! Trust me when the Radio Rip comes out it will sound AMAZING. 10x better than the preview and it sounds pretty good in the preview!

13 06 2011

It’s like an upbeat Yume Miru 15! Actually, better than that! It sounds A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!!!!

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