Ishikawa Rika and Okai Chisato To Appear In a Mini Drama

12 06 2011

Starting this July, Ishikawa Rika and Okai Chisato will appear in a mini drama titled Tokusou Shirei! Aichi Police.

The news was revealed by a blog entry from what appears to be one of the actors (in other words it’s not officially confirmed yet but it’s most likely true). The episodes will be 4 minutes long each and will feature Chisa as the character called “Mai” while Rika will be her boss.

I didn’t expect to see Rika and Chisa appear in a drama together but I am glad that they will since we will be able to find out how good they are at acting, and since the story features a police theme it will be fun to see if they will use comedy or some other kind of theme to act out the story.

So far there aren’t that many details about the actual story but we should find out sometime soon once Rika or Chisa post a blog entry about it or once a site opens up with more info about this interesting police mini drama.

Despite the episodes being somewhat short (really short) this is still a great opportunity for both of them to show of their acting skills for people watching the TV, and since it airs at a great time (at 7 PM) there will most likely be more people watching.

Hopefully we get to see the episodes once they air so we can find out what theme or story it will have, but so far a mini drama with Rika and Chisa is a must see for anyone.

The episodes will air starting 7/4 on Nagoya TV from 18:56 ~ 19:00.

Prima Mai Ameblo Blog Entry

Prima Mai Ameblo Blog Entry 2



3 responses

12 06 2011

Ya I can’t wait to see it!

12 06 2011

I have to say that Rika can definitely act. She was totally badass in Yoyo Girl Cop alongside Aya Matsuura. I hope Chisa can deliver just as well!

13 06 2011
Billy Jean

Oh man I was really excited to see this, until the 4-min episode long part.

This is definitely an interesting pairing that combines two interesting H!P figures who are finding nice little media niches for themselves.

Shame it wasn’t a full time Drama but hey, definitely will check it out

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