Ikuta Erina’s “Greeting ~Ikuta Erina” E-Hello! DVD Announced

12 06 2011

Ikuta Erina’s e-Hello! DVD titled Greeting ~Ikuta Erina~ has been announced.

We were promised that 9th gen will all get their own solo DVDs and it’s now Erina’s turn. I’m not such a big fan of hers but I think she has natural beauty and with some experience she’ll grow into an amazing member.

I really like the DVD cover so far. You can really see that Eripon’s shy side on the cover (by the way her hands are positioned) but from her smile you can also tell that she’s trying to open herself up. I wanted to mention that because it does seem like she’s trying to improve.

The DVD preview starts off with Eripon indoors listening to rain. She moves outdoors with a clear umbrella and does some poses outdoors before changing her outfit and moving back indoors. While indoors she’s featured in 2 outfits, a pink sweater and another in a blue and white stripped dress. In the 2nd scene indoors she’s playing with the “X game” with some string. (I’m unsure what the game is called in different parts of the world but where I’m from we just call it the x game). The scene ends with Eripon asleep on the couch in her school uniform outfit.

Ikuta may not one of the most popular members of 9th gen but I do believe that some shots of her in the preview were fabulous and I hope that everyone does support her. Hopefully this DVD does get Eripon some new fans.

Preorders for the DVD will start from now until 7/2 with the DVDs being releasing sometime in August.

Video uploaded by: morningmusumechannel

Ikuta Erina’s E-hello page




13 responses

12 06 2011

“Ikuta is not one of the most popular members of 9th gen”

Actually, based on merchandise sales from the official Hello!Project shops she’s second only to Riho in the 9th gen (at least for the month of May).

She looks great, still a bit shy and akward (although a massive improvement) but something tells me she knows exactly what’s she’s doing. I think this girl was born to be an idol. Everything from her mannerisms to the way she moves her eyes.

Can’t wait to see how she evolves

13 06 2011

Wow…She looks great!From my point of view she improved a lot!:) I love her smile n_n

13 06 2011

Eripon! She looks absolutely stunning! I think that she’s going to make a great member of Morning Musume, because she’s absolutely beautiful and very model-like. She will become a star idol in my eyes ^^ I love her soooo much! <3

13 06 2011
Shahir Kyosuke

her awkward smile is part of her now…maybe will become her charm point, who knows…

13 06 2011

I haven’t been a fan of Ikuta, she’s my least favorite kyukkie, but I have to admit, she looks very cute here! And her hair looks really pretty, too :)

13 06 2011

Such beautiful~ ^^ I’m a fan big fan of Mizuki and Eripon from the kyuukies XD

13 06 2011
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13 06 2011

Eripon looks soooo pretty in this!

And where I come from, we call it “cat’s cradle” XD

13 06 2011
Roddy Reta

Yay for Eripon! I think she looks great here, not the least bit awkward.

13 06 2011

Erina could do that cute angry, pouty, scowl and totally get away with it :3
Im looking forward to her having more lines in the singles.
She is my favorite Kyukkie by a land slide ^_^

14 06 2011

I think her akwardness still shoes here, but I think its one of her charming points. Shes actually grown on me alot and while she is still my least favorite Kyuuki I still like her over some other Momusu members and mountains over some of the cute and berryzkobo members. Shes opened up alot and has become a very cute and happy member. Shes going to become a really awesome member!

14 06 2011

I love Eripon, she is my favorite kyuukie. <3
And a truly love her awkwardness.

21 06 2011

she just like kamei eri in the past….i think she’ll be more shiner….

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