[Updated] HANGRY&ANGRY, Yaguchi Mari, and Mano Erina May Be Guests At Japan Festa 2011

12 06 2011

HANGRY&ANGRY, Yaguchi Mari, and Mano Erina will be guests at this year’s Japan Festa 2011 in Bangkok, Thailand.

There is no confirmation as to whether they will perform.

After the confirmation that HANGRY&ANGRY would appear in Paris this year I didn’t expect to see another overseas appearance so soon, but it seems that there will be 4 members from UFA appearing at this year’s Japan Festa 2011, which is great news since that means fans in Thailand can get to see their favorite idols without having to go to Japan.

There doesn’t seem to be an official confirmation from UFA about their appearance but we will most likely see one in the next few weeks since Japan Festa seems to be a usual event where UFA members usually appear, and since the homepage for the event has a giant banner announcing the news I strongly doubt we will not get a confirmation soon.

So far there hasn’t been an announcement about whether or not each member will perform but I expect to see at least a short performance in some way since it is a great chance to promote.

This hasn’t been confirmed by UFA or H!P but so far it seems like it will most likely be true since Japan Festa has had quite a lot of H!P appearances throughout the past years (such as Fujimoto Miki), but I will update once a confirmation is released.

The event will be from 8/27 ~ 28

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EDIT: Thanks to everyone for clarifying the details!

It seems that only one of the three will appear at Japan Festa although the guest won’t be announced until 6/15, it seems that they did the same for Berryz Koubou’s appearance a few months back, so even though only one of them will appear we don’t know who it might be, but we will find out in a few days so I will update once the guest is announced.



9 responses

12 06 2011

1 of them will come to Thai. They will announce 15 this. ^^

13 06 2011

Thank you for clarifying!
I just updated the post ^o^

12 06 2011

The banner tell fan to sheer for their favorite to appear/came.
Which does not mean they all will came, but only one of them will come.
I guest Hangry/angry is the same choice (If they come, they come togethey) and Yaguchi and Mano will be the other two choice.
The banner also say the answer will be reveal in 15th of june.

It’s how this organizer do their thing. If you remember BK concert in 2011. They let us guest between MM, BK, C-ute, Gam and Buono and then revealed to be BK.

BTW. I don’t follow the news on this matter that close so I don’t know much. But I’m Thai so I can give you some clarification out of my knowledge on the language.

BTW2 When I read you article. I go like “What!!!!!” four artists for a free event?? Isn’t it a bit too much LoL.

13 06 2011

Ahh ok, thank you very much for clarifying the details ^_^
I don’t speak Thai so I didn’t know that only one of them would appear ^_^;;

I just updated the post thank you very much! ^o^

12 06 2011

I’m leaving Thailand on the 27th. grr!!!!!

12 06 2011

The guest will be only 1 from 3 (Mari, H&A, Mano),
and they won’t tell which one will come until June, 15.

but I think Mano Erina is almost impossible choice,
So only 2 choices remain. m( _ _ )m

13 06 2011

Thank you for telling me I just updated the post! ^_^

Mano might have a chance but for now we have to wait and see ^_^

13 06 2011
Manmaru no Nekochan

They’ll be annouced on June 15, that’s all I know.

13 06 2011

There was Yossie last year. (Miki and Nocchi been there a couple years ago). This time maybe Mari.

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