S/mileage and SBC Start A “Smile! Dance Contest”

11 06 2011

S/mileage are teaming up with SBC to start a Smile! Dance Contest.

S/mileage will appear at the finals.

While details for the event aren’t released on the H!P or S/mileage site I was very surprised with this announcement since this seems like an interesting way to promote the group, and by giving fans a chance to participate in a dance contest it gives them a chance to reach the finals where they will probably perform in front of S/mileage.

I’m not completely sure whether the dance competition will feature the participants only dancing to S/mileage songs or to whatever song they like but it seems like it will be only S/mileage songs since the bottom of the official site for the contest features links to most of their PVs, which is a great way for everyone to show off how great they are at dancing.

It seems that the winner of the contest will get a prize of 100,000 Yen (about $1000 US dollars) which is a great prize apart from the chance of reaching the finals where S/mileage will be present, so I hope many people enter the contest.

I will update with more details once they are released.

The final round will be on 10/22.

H!P Page About the Dance Contest

Official Smile! Dance Contest




5 responses

12 06 2011


12 06 2011

OMG, yes! Cuca shoudl enter!

12 06 2011

^ yeaaah~ Cuca-chan must participate in this contest….!!! XD
and got 100.000Y for her own solo debut…… LOL ;p

12 06 2011
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12 06 2011

cool! the final is on my birthday! :D

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