Ogawa Makoto Casted In Stage Play Titled “Black Camellia ~ Japanese Vampire~”

8 06 2011

According to her blog, Mako has been casted in the stage play titled “Black Camellia ~ Japanese Vampire~”

As you can tell by the title, the stage play is a vampire theme. A lot of you may wonder why so many of H!P members are doing works related to vampires. According to Sohee on JPCY, vampires are the “new thing” so we shouldn’t be too surprised that it’s another vampire theme.

Regardless of that though the summary of the show says it’s a “beautiful vampire fight in magnificent dance.” I’m assuming that means it’s a musical stage play and if that’s true I’m glad for Mako since her last musical stage play was awhile ago.

Also it hasn’t been revealed about what part Mako was casted in but I’m hoping she was casted as a main character, or at least she has an important role in the play.

Tickets are available for purchase through the Morning Musume Fan Club. Hopefully everyone can purchase a ticket in advance and support Mako.

The play will run from 7/16-7/24.

Mako’s Blog

JPCY Translation Page (Thanks to Resop2)




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