Morning Musume Updated Profile Pictures for “Only You” Released

8 06 2011

The official H!P page has just updated the profile pictures for Morning Musume’s 46th single titled Only You.

It has been quite some time since we get the main group picture for their 46th single so I’m surprised to see that a week before the single will be released we finally get to see the individual pictures, despite already having seeing them many times in promotion I am glad that we finally get them since we can check each member’s outfit out.

For the most part there are not that many differences in outfit, in fact the only difference seems to be the hair and the shorts the 9th generation is using, but I was impressed with the outfits since the silver and white skirts with white boots definitely matched the sound of the single, and along with the shorts that the 9th generation wore it gave them a somewhat more youthful appearance although it still fit the theme well.

As most of us probably know Ai-chan has been trying out different hair colors for the past few months and it was very surprising to see that she changed it to blond (most likely for her stage play), but despite that I have to admit that she looks amazing since the skirt, transparent white sleeves, and the metal necklace and hair accessory combine to make an elegant but mature look.

Gaki has a more mature look compared to the last single mostly due to her hairstyle which looks really good, and along with the same accessories that Aichan has (which all members have) I am amazed at how beautiful she looks, since her dark hair and more mature expressions in both the pictures above and the PV really made her stand out.

Like most of the other members Sayu also had a new hairstyle that really looked good on her, and along with the hair accessory on her right side she looked gorgeous, and despite not having any solo lines in the single (like most of the releases) she did get many appearances and had a chance to show off her beauty.

Reina looks amazing as always although she was among the few members that didn’t have that much of a hairstyle change, but apart from that I really liked how she looks since the outfit matches her personality perfectly and along with her many appearances in the PV we got a chance to see just how great she looks as well as her many expressions.

I’m usually not a fan of Mitsui with her hair pulled back but I have to admit that she looks amazing here since the style came out really good, and along with her cute expressions and many appearances in the PV (not that many lines though) she did stand out a lot more for me since her outfit and more mature personality really shined.

Mizuki is among the few members who had a really different hairstyle for this single, and while the shorts seem a bit too boyish compared to the skirts she still looks really pretty since her expressions and her natural calm style really matched up with the song well, and while she didn’t have that many lines she did appear quite a few times and shined everytime she did.

Erina seemed a bit too nervous when she first joined the group but it’s only her 2nd single and she already seems perfectly comfortable as we can see in her pictures and her appearances in the PV, and while I would have liked to hear how her singing is coming along I was impressed with her appearances in the PV since she did a pretty good job of following the mood of the song.

As expected Riho’s natural talent and calm personality shined throughout her many solo words in the song, but apart from that she didn’t have that much of a different hairstyle although I’m glad she didn’t since her current style really fit in perfectly with the song, although I hope we get to see her and the rest of the 9th generation with skirts next time since they would have looked and fit the theme of the song more.

I didn’t like the hairstyle she had for this single that much since it seemed to not fit that well with her personality, but I have to admit that it did fit with the theme of the song well, and even though she didn’t appear as much as I would have liked in the PV I am glad that the outfit looked pretty good on her since she did an amazing job of changing her mood to fit the song.

Overall the outfits are perfect for the single since they fit the calm but strong ballad sound and while many members had a different hairstyle (or hair color) I was impressed with how great everyone looks since their different personalities seemed to change to match the outfit they wore and the song they sang, but I hope we get to see everyone with an outfit that matches their personality next time since the shorts looked good on some 9th gen members but not all.

Hopefully everyone has their copy of the single reserved since this single has the potential to be among the top 3 due to it’s catchy mature but cool ballad sound, although it is without a doubt an amazing release.

The release date is set for 6/15.

Official H!P Profile Page For Morning Musume




7 responses

8 06 2011

Something about these pictures just seem so damn dynamic.
I love it.

9 06 2011

Uhh… Didn’t sayu get solos? XD Aika did too :)))

9 06 2011

Sayu’s pose so cute!
I think Gaki looked the best in this PV (in my opinion) :)

9 06 2011

I was actually positively surprised when I saw Eripyon’s picture.
She always had a face on which said ‘Haha… I hope I’m doing it right… ^^”’
But on this one she looked like she knew what to do, I’m happy =D

9 06 2011

Ai chan – very fierce, absolutely love it.
Gaki san – very mature. Absolutely beautiful in this music video. Love that her hair is growing.
Sayu – always looks really cute! :)
Reina – Reina is reina and I always say that when looking at a picture of her. All of her expressions and poses are the same.
Aika chan – looks great!! She’s really starting to shine!
Fuku chan – perfect!!
Eripon – WOW! Great attitude and great pose!! There is hope for her in Morning Musume!
Riho – very cute
Suzuki chan – ADORABLE!

9 06 2011

Gaki-san Eripon!! :love:

10 06 2011

Is it just me, or did Gaki have a different hair style in the PV? Her hair wasn’t half up like that, was it? Lol and I love her hair dark like that- it looks best that way. I liked her hair in Nanchetta Renai although that was a wig I think.
Everyone looks great, and the 9th gen look like they’re getting use it everything and more comfertable. And I was surprised with Ai-chan’s hair and wasn’t sure of it at first but I like it now. :) Everything Ai-chan does looks good.

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